A Day In the Life of the Beckerman Sisters

...and most importantly, their beauty routines. In collaboration with Sephora Canada.

Renée Rodenkirchen

We’ve always admired Cailli and Sam Beckerman not just for the fact that their closets are stocked with Kenzo and Christopher Kane, but because they’ve managed to pull off twinning in a way that could easily fly under-the-radar. They’ll subtly coordinate their looks in a way that never feels too matchy-matchy, but instead draws on and actually complements one another's style. Whether it's CHANEL in identical color schemes, albeit completely different prints; or vibrant Moschino that plays with two totally different motifs, they vibe off one another perfectly—which makes sense, given that they’ve only had a lifetime of practice. And when we dropped in on a recent day in their lives in Toronto, we got to actually see the dynamic ourselves—consider this our official-ish petition for adoption into the Beckerman family.

We met the Beckermans bright and early at their Toronto home, where we found them knee-deep in piles of Moschino and Coach. We spent time quizzing them on the ins-and-outs of their beauty routine (hint: great skin; full, brushed brows; big lashes; highlighter; and lots of face mist) before we headed off for the day, making pit stops, first at the (brand spanking new) Yorkdale Sephora store, before heading off to The Drake Hotel and Colette downtown. Here’s what we learned—and the products, tips, and tricks we miiiiight (read: definitely) have picked up from our day together.


Sam: “In the morning, I usually go to a spin class. Cailli will wake up and go for a run. Or we do none of that and sleep in!" [laughs]

Cailli: “We're pretty light on makeup for daytime. Recently, I started carrying Tatcha's Skin Mist everywhere I go. I spritz it all over—it refreshes my makeup and wakes me up a little mid-day. You look so glowy after you use it.”

Sam: "Oooh, I love Caudalie's Beauty Elixir for the same thing. It just smells so good! It's like an energy drink for your face. I feel like I need one in every bag!"

Sam: “I never leave the house without my Mophie phone charger in my bag. I usually carry SPF. Then, Ray-Ban sunglasses are a must; my keys, with all my key chains. My Apple watch, or my Chanel watch is always on. And some of Sephora's Cream Lip Stain. You put it on the beginning of the night, and you're good—that stuff won't budge.”

Cailli: “It comes in a few different shades, but we really love nudes right now. Marvelous Mauve is a good one.”

Sam: “We wore red lips for years; I think maybe five years straight? It was always a signature look, until one day I woke up, and was like, 'I'm tired of this!' We put a picture on Instagram, and I had my red lips on, and Cailli had more of a nude. We were like, 'what makeup look do you like better'? And everyone liked the nude. So we switched! It's a great update.”

Cailli: “We like to experiment, keep it fun. It's just makeup! You don't have to stick to the same old thing. It's like fashion, but an even faster way to change it up.”

Sam: “In my bag, I'll also always have my iPhone, of course. And gum! I always have gum in my bag. And then it's usually just charms everywhere.”


Cailli: “For hair, we're pretty simple. A little dry shampoo is always good to have lying around.”

Sam: “It's changed my entire routine. Especially in the morning! [laughs]”

Cailli: “Living Proof's dry shampoo is great. It doesn't get powdery like some of the other ones we've tried.”

Sam: “And Ouai's Wave Spray! Our hair is pretty straight, so it's the perfect way to add a little body.”

Cailli: “It smells amazing!”

Sam: “We love going to The Drake Hotel. I'm obsessed with the French fries, every time I go, I always get them.”

Cailli: “And the avocado toast. And the coffee!”

Sam: “It's such a great Toronto hang.”

Cailli: “You know you're in the 6 when you're eating at The Drake.”

Sam: “After shopping, we'll usually come home, do some work, hang out with the puppies. We'll usually go out later for karaoke, go to a party, a late movie, or go to Soho House for drinks and dancing... or all of the above! [laughs]"

Cailli: “My favorite part of my beauty routine when we get ready to go out is using highlighter.”

Sam: “It's like Picasso! I'm going through my contour period.”

Cailli: "Hourglass' powder highlighter is the best. It comes in a bunch of different shades, and isn't too sparkly. It's really subtle—I tap it on the very top of my cheekbones, down the center of my nose, and a little bit on my forehead, right in between my brows. Contouring and highlighting has changed the game!”

 Sam: "We also love Colette for dinner—and dessert—before a night out. It almost feels like you are in Paris when you eat there, the way it's decorated. And they make really strong drinks!”


Sam: “We started #BeckermanBeauty on Instagram because everyone would ask us everyday, what we use on our skin, our eyebrows, just the different products we're using. We give little tips and tricks and stuff, even about self tanning and turning ourselves green with St. Tropez tanner [laughs]. That's normal for us, like, twice a week.”

Cailli: “I would say that normally we're both on the same vibe when it comes to makeup. We'll try something, and be like, 'oh this is the best bronzer ever', and I look over at Sam and we have the exact same makeup because we both talk about it so much.”

Sam: “Basically we end up doing the same makeup but with different lipstick. And I make my eyebrows bigger than Cailli.”

Cailli: “Sometimes people comment on Instagram, like, 'I love how you guys have such different looks!' And I’m like, 'if only they knew we are wearing the exact same makeup'”. [laughs]

Cailli: “You have to finish the whole thing off with really big lashes. We get extensions, but Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is honestly just as good.”

Sam: “What a name!”

Sam: “Our favorite new thing to do is take Kat Von D's eye contour quad, and use the different shades to get our eyes to look even bigger. They come in a bunch of different colors, so you can really get creative.”

Cailli: “The 'Smoke' shade that the palette comes in is the best. You don't need anything else!”

Sam: “Our beauty look is really always evolving, but a good lip and liquid eyeliner are pretty much always staples.”

Sam: "Then before I head out, I spritz Atelier Cologne's Citron d'Erable all over."

Cailli: "I love Atelier Cologne too—I wear Vanille Insensée."

Sam: “You wouldn't think they'd work well together, but they totally do.”

Cailli: “Smelling good is key. I'll even bring it in my bag.”

Sam: “And then, after a long night out, we always take off our makeup.”

Cailli: “No matter WHAT we got up to. Including karaoke.”


Cailli: “We're always experimenting with new moisturizers and masks. We're all about skin now.”

Sam: “If we're being really good, we'll do a sheet mask when we get home for the night. The little Sephora Collection ones are so good. And they're great for selfies!”

Cailli: “Laneige's Sleeping Mask is really cool, too—it's basically a face mask that you wear overnight, that absorbs while you sleep. You look like you had the best night's sleep afterwards—even if you were out until sunrise.”

Sam: “Not that we'd know anything about that [laughs].”

Cailli: I really like Sunday Riley's Luna Oil for that—it's kind of similar, in that you apply it right before you go to sleep. They made it with retinol so it helps with redness, fine lines, pores... basically everything you don't want."

Sam: “How can you say no to something that works while you sleep?”

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