Meet The New Guy

Hermès’ take on the micro-bag trend is the greatest thing ever.

Meet The New Guy

We’re not sure exactly when the fashion industry as a whole got together and decided to go all “Honey, I shrunk the bag,” on us, but we’re definitely not complaining. Especially when said shrunken bag comes to us by way of Hermès, and is the itty-bitty Kelly of all our fantasies. Consider this the Barbie Dream Purse for ‘Ultimate Luxury Barbie,’ or ‘We Want To Be Her Barbie.’


Little known fact (well, we didn’t know this, at least), the Kelly was made famous in 1956 when the future Princess of Monaco (remember her?), Grace Kelly, hugged it to her body to conceal her pregnancy. Once the image hit newsstands, it was christened the “Kelly.” We’re not sure that the Kelly Mini II would be effective at concealing anyone’s baby bump, but it will hold your cell phone, and a credit card—and that’s about it, but TBH, that’s about all you’d ever need.

Should you want to add one to your collection, they’re available in eight colors, and two fabrications, and are in Hermès stores now. In case you’re wondering, we’ll take the red, s'il vous plaît.

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