How To Get Thicker Skin In 60 Seconds

Or how to channel your inner Beyoncé.

In 60 Seconds
How To Get Thicker Skin In 60 Seconds

We all have one friend whose confidence and assertiveness we admire. They’re the ones who will always be the first to speak up and voice their opinion, all the while never letting anything get under their skin. And TBH, we’re downright jealous of those traits. But who’s to say we can’t be that way, too? We’re convinced we’ve all got the same vim and vigor inside of us, it’s just finding the right ways to use it. Follow the steps below and you’ll be walking around like a boss in no time.


1. Be Confident In Your Beliefs


It’s like when we were told in school that ‘there are no stupid questions,’ the same goes for personal opinions and beliefs. No one is a bigger fan of us than ourselves, and we need to exercise that. Make a point to have your opinions heard—we get it, easier said than done, but take baby steps. Start off by speaking up when you agree with someone else’s opinion and go from there. Miracles don’t happen overnight (usually), so take it day by day and set a personal goal for yourself—whether that’s to speak your mind once a day or once a week, and go from there. You’ve got this.


2. Find Your Squad


There’s a reason why we hear so much about ‘girl squads’ in the media—because they work. Think back to some of the times that you’ve felt the most confident walking into a room. Let us guess—was it when you were accompanied by your closest friends who had, two hours earlier, told you how flawless your makeup looked and how incredible that skirt was and how funny and smart and great you are? Because, BFFs are everything. They’re your ride or die, and never forget that even if they don’t fully support your opinion they will always have your back no. matter. what. Find yourself a support system that you can count on through thick and thin, and watch your life become *that* much easier right before your eyes.


3. Get In Your Feelings


We can partly thank Drake for making it so acceptable to be in our feelings (don’t act like you haven’t seen *all* the memes). There have been one too many times that we’ve blamed our emotions on PMS, and that needs to stop. We’re allowed to cry, we’re allowed to be mad, and most importantly, we’re allowed to be as happy as we fucking want. Own your feelings. There is always a reason behind them, and just because someone else can’t relate to them, doesn’t make them any less real or legitimate. If this means you need a wallpaper on your phone with some version of "Keep Calm And..." go for it. 


4. Get The Heck Out Of Dodge


Sometimes, in order for things to get better you need to take a step back. Nothing is better for this than a staycation. We’re all for taking time to realign goals, and we can guarantee that when you come back to ‘reality’ after a timeout you’ll have so much more clarity on who you are and what you want to be known for. We bet you twenty bucks that you’ll return with a newfound confidence that no one can fuck with. So get out your credit card—it’s time to book that long-awaited staycation (or heck, even a real vacation) so that you can come back a stronger (and dare we say better?) version of yourself.

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