*This* is How You Get Ready For A Film Premiere

*This* is How You Get Ready For A Film Premiere

Primping and priming with actress Kara Hayward. Red Valentino gown included.

Alec Kugler

Hey, quick question: How did you spend your weekend? Oh, us? Well, we spent Saturday primping with Kara Hayward—remember her from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom?—ahead of her new film’s premiere. She’s starring alongside Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck in Manchester by The Sea. Not bad, right? It went a little something like this: when we arrived at the Michelangelo hotel, Hayward had glam well on its way. She put on finishing touches, a sheer black embellished Red Valentino gown and sparkly heels well before she needed to leave. Meaning we could snag a few moments to shoot and chat about what she's most excited about for the premiere and how she's going to celebrate with a massive breakfast the next day.


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