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24 Hours with Malone Souliers

London’s buzziest shoe brand on their own presentation, and high-fashion partnerships. In collaboration with Malone Souliers.

Fashion Week
24 Hours with Malone Souliers
Jennifer Fearnly
Imagine for a moment, what a typical day in the life of one of London’s best top shoe designers is like. Now imagine that day during London Fashion Week. If you’re picturing hanging with celebrity pals (Olivia Palermo), cruising around the city in the most insane outfits, and sitting front row at a handful of the best shows of the week, you’d be about right. Well, almost right. Because in reality there’s so much more that goes on than that when you’re Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt of Malone Souliers (you might remember them from this). Toss in the fact that you’re hosting your first ever LFW presentation in Soho Square (and drumming up buzz by sending some thirty dancers clad in navy logo-emblazoned catsuits and sky high stilettos to walk the streets of London, handing out cryptic invitations for curious folk to come walk the virtual catwalk they’d set up), and that those front row seats at Roksanda and Pringle of Scotland are actually to see the shoes you’ve designed for the collections—and you’re getting warmer. Then, consider you’re doing the whole thing with your best friend slash business partner slash lifetime soulmate, and having Coveteur join you along for the ride, and you’ve more or less hit the nail on the head.

Still feel lost? Luckily, we’ve captured the whole day so that none of us will ever have to wonder what it’s like to be a designer showing at London Fashion Week ever again.

And in case all these shoes have you in the mood to shop, you can check out the current collection on

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