Our Favorite Fall Boots & The Women Who Love Them

Our Favorite Fall Boots & The Women Who Love Them

At least we can *totally* see them wearing them. In collaboration with Frye.

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Meagan Wilson

It’s getting darker earlier, the leaves are changing, and just about every other Hallmark sign of fall is starting to show. It might be finally time to come to terms with the idea of figuring out what to wear as the temperatures turn. Seriously, if the thought of the very real, true end of summer has you panicking, might we suggest shopping? Because it works for us, every time.

Of course, if you live on the East Coast, you know that when it comes to dressing for temperatures that are anything but balmy, there are two categories that count: outerwear and shoes. No one’s going to see anything else, and you can run out the door in last night’s wine-stained whatever without anyone catching on so long as these two *DJ Khaled voice* key components are locked down. Today, we’re focusing on the latter—and more specifically, how a boot can entirely define what wavelength you’re on, on any given day. To demonstrate, we’ve dreamed up a handful of Cov-alums who perfectly embody the fashion girl archetypes (culled from Frye's Modern Icons collection) that define everything we want to wear right now.

Header image credits: Boots, Frye; Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs; Candle, Byredo; Lighter & Key Tag, Baron Von Fancy



The Cool Girl

à la Tasya Van Ree


You know the type: you're convinced they're completely unapproachable and intimidating, until they open their mouth and are the loveliest, warmest human ever, which, of course, in turn actually only makes them more cool. All of which pretty much defines Tasya and her cool girl brethren. It's also perfectly summed up by (what we *think* is) their boot of choice: something that's one part combat boot, one part beautiful, gorgeous leather, and painstaking craftsmanship. This one's from Frye's Artisan series, and handcrafted in family-owned factories in Tuscany!



The New Super

à la Alessandra Ambrosio


Regardless of whatever someone claimed to the contrary (you’ve likely read something like this in a Daily Mail vortex), supermodels are indisputably back. I don’t need to tell you the drill: a bajillion followers on whatever social platform they throw at us next, a bonkers body, cool boyfriend—and, of course, the kind of personal style that’s single-handedly pushing the strategies of many a brand forward—save for the classics. They usually call the West Coast home, and yet wear ankle booties pretty much year 'round. Something soft, in vintage leather (like these). Pair it with the requisite uniform of a slip dress and bomber for extra credit.



The All-American

à la Carolyn Murphy


Even though the entire fashion industry seems to be in frenzied flux, the notion of an All-American girl perseveres—only now, of course, she probably (definitely) has a secret tattoo or two, went to Burning Man, and has used the word ‘intersectional’ at least once in a casual sentence. Otherwise, it’s business as usual, and that calls for a knee-high boot, usually paired with classic, well-worn blue denim, a striped tee, and little navy blazer. This pair from Frye (peep the cool harness detail on the back) is made of super supple Italian leather, and has just enough heel to give a little height without you limping home from work at the end of the day.



The Peacock

à la Veronika Heilbrunner


Also known as the 'can-we-be-you, please?' Of course she'd wear these boots. And you know what she'd probably wear them with? Something we'd never see coming, like a couture ballgown, or keep it in line with Vetements denim only to finish it off with a sequined turtleneck or embellished blouse with dramatic, sweeping sleeves. Not that we’d expect any less.



The Creative

à la Margaret Zhang


You know that girl on Instagram with what seems like five different job titles, an endless appetite for cool haircuts and secret creative projects (that somehow don’t manage to draw an eye roll) and who, as Drake once mused, is running out of pages in her passport? That’s the girl we’re talking about, and she’d totally wear these. because they go with everything, are embellished enough to feel cool and ~different~, and are polished but still youthful.


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