October 2016 Horoscopes: Capricorn

October 2016 Horoscopes: Capricorn


Capricorn, you’ve had a rough go of things since Pluto entered your sign in 2008. Nobody said transformation was easy, and if you’re feeling a little exhausted, that’s to be expected. Luckily, Jupiter fresh into your success and honors sector brings you the rewards of a job well done, at last. Stay the course, and you’ll finally be recognized for some of that hard work

It all starts simply enough, when communication planet Mercury enters Libra on the 7th, revving up your career zone. Mercury rules communication, so don’t be surprised if your phone starts blowing up, or your inbox is a little busier than normal. After that, an Aries full moon in your private sphere blasts the last remnants of debris from your psyche, preparing you for the good stuff that’s to come in 2017. With Uranus in play, what arises could come up suddenly, so be ready to pivot. Mercury opposite that moon doubles that down, so clear your schedule if you can. If not, you’re the zodiac’s consummate professional, so you’ll figure it out. Luckily, a square from superpowered Mars and Pluto in your sign give you unflappable stamina. No matter what the circumstances, there’s no stopping you.

On the 18th, Venus slips quietly from your social sector into your spiritual twelfth house, where she’ll help you rest up for the inevitable requests for your time and energy that are sure to come your way with Jupiter positioned where he is in your horoscope for the next year. Take advantage of this time to recoup your energy. When the sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, you’ll be ready for venture out again—even more so when talkative Mercury follows suit on the 24th.

Things get serious on the 29th when Venus links up with your ruler Saturn, and you could be asking for more commitment than others are ready to give. Scorpio means you may be more hyperfocused on the details of your friends’ actions now, so don’t nitpick, even if it’s out of love. Instead, focus on the Scorpio new moon’s potential for an amazing Halloween party. You’ve still got Mars and Pluto in your corner, so if you want, you can party all night and watch the sunrise—but you didn’t hear it from use!

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