Jake Rosenberg

Co-Founder and Creative Director, The Coveteur. New York.

By: Stephanie Mark
Styling: Alicia Cesaro, Stephanie Mark
Photography: Leslie Kirchhoff

Normally when I walk into Jake’s apartment the vibes are chill AF. People coming in and out, BBQ going, tequila flowing. You get the idea. Besides the fact that this time I was walking in at 9am instead of 9pm, this visit to Jake’s was *quite* different. After five years of going into other people’s homes together, to celebrate our anniversary Jake and I have decided to put our closets up on The Coveteur! (Full disclosure—mine is coming late due to some construction delays).

It’s always interesting to hear (and read) about people’s style evolutions, but it’s even more fascinating to see it go down IRL. When Jake and I first met he was a self proclaimed “mountain man” who didn’t know his double C’s from his interlocked G’s, and balked at the thought that a t-shirt could cost more than $50. Over time, and many closets, Jake has definitely gotten this whole personal style thing down pat.

Opening his closet revealed a stash of very clean and well cared for black and white t-shirts, in addition to a well curated selection of sweaters, button downs and one spectacular Balenciaga suit, but the shoes were the main treat! I have to say—even I was surprised by how good his collection was. Fur Gucci loafers, check. Rare Nike’s, check. Saint Laurent dress shoes, check. Buscemi’s, check...and on and on. Throw in a Chanel surfboard, a Supreme camping chair, and you have all the makings of a perfect Coveteur closet. Which should come as no surprise, seeing as it belongs to one of The Coveteur’s co-founders.

Also, if you’re wondering what this mysterious book is that Jake mentions—and you haven’t pre-ordered yours yet—surprise! We have a book. And it’s awesome, and you can order your copy here. Read on to hear all about it.