Summer Effed Up Our Hair and Now It’s Time to Fix It

Summer Effed Up Our Hair and Now It’s Time to Fix It

Open if you want Beyoncé hair.

Don’t hate us for pointing it out (again), but summer is over and we’re complaining about it to, well, pretty much anyone that will listen. In addition to freaking out about what winter coat will keep us the warmest, shedding a tear (or twenty) as we pack away our 501 cut-offs, and pinky promising that we will NEVER forget about rosé, we’re wondering what we can do to revive our dried out, sun-damaged hair.

According to seven of our favorite hair geniuses, there’s actually a whole lot we can do. Here’s what they said.


Serge Normant

Celebrity Hair Stylist

Serge Normant Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment

“This mask works from the inside of the follicle outward to strengthen hair. It’s formulated with coconut oil to replenish and renew hair to its healthy state.”

Ouai Treatment Masque

“[This is a] restorative healing mask that’s formulated to repair damage in minutes, leaving hair incredibly soft and smooth after just one treatment.”


Mara Roszak


L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Hair Stylist

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum

“Hair oils are essential to protecting, nourishing and moisturizing stands from summer into the cool months. Apply a small pump to clean, damp hair from mid-strand down to the tips add shine and tame flyaways.”


Matt Fugate

Kérastase Paris Consulting Hairstylist

“When deep conditioning, utilize heat around you when you can—A.K.A at the gym or spin class, in a sauna, etc. Simply put the mask in your hair, tie your hair up, and go work out or hit the sauna. When you’re done, just wash out the treatment and your hair will feel amazing. Also, you can embrace braids! Load in the mask and braid your hair—it stays bound, looks shiny, and has that ‘wet look’ all day.”


Harry Josh

John Frieda International Creative Consultant

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner

“This leave-in conditioner also acts as a detangler. It's not too heavy so you can also condition in the shower and spray your ends or ‘problem’ areas with this frizz-fighting formula.”


Jojoba Oil

“[Jojoba oil is] capable of moisturizing the hair without leaving any residues [and] can help hair cells to reproduce quickly. After applying it on the scalp, wait for a few minutes before washing it out.”


Sally Hershberger

Celebrity Hairstylist & Salon Owner

24K Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil

“What I love about [this product] is it's not greasy—it's like a GPS for your hair. It knows exactly where to target, then it penetrates the cuticle and works from the inside out. It leaves a very luxurious finish and never leaves your hair with a heavy feeling.”


David Mallett

Celebrity Hair Stylist

Tea (!!!)

“[An easy and cheap trick] is to use tea as a final rinsing product in you hair. I like to make a hyper-infused ‘rincage’ either with black tea, red rosehip tea, or chamomile infusion. In summer, when hair tends to get ashy, dull and flat, a highly infused solution using six tea bags with a very long boiling time is best. Use it only when it has cooled down (so you don’t burn yourself) and only at the end of the summer when your hair has lost its luster.

“Rosehip tea is best to revive the red and copper colored hair, chamomile is great on blondes, and black earl gray tea can to revive brown to dark hair at the end of summer.”

David Mallett Mask No.1:L’Hydration

“Of course, I love my mask No.1 L’Hydration! I worked really hard on its formula and I must say I am pretty proud of it. It’s perfect to rescue your hair at the end of the summer holidays.”


Laurent Philippon

Global Artistic Director at Bumble and bumble

“[There is] a fab Bumble and bumble balm-to-oil pre-shampoo mask. Apply it to dry hair and leave it on for at least ten minutes (or more if possible), then shampoo with the HIO sulfate free shampoo.” [Ed note: this stuff is unbelievably good.]

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