September 2016 Horoscopes: Aries


September 2016 Horoscopes: Aries

September starts with a Virgo solar eclipse—on the very first day—in the part of your horoscope ruling the daily grind. Jupiter in Virgo has been helping you get your health and habits in tip-top shape since last summer, and this is the final push. The eclipse is square to Mars and Saturn in your personal philosophy zone and opposite Neptune in your dreams sector, so your motivation might be flagging; still, a sync from Pluto in your career house keeps your eyes on the prize. You’re almost at the finish line. Don’t give up yet!

On the 12th and 13th, Mercury retrograde and the sun face off against your ruling planet (Mars), activating a crisis between what you want your everyday life to look like and what it actually is. Not everything is Instagram-worthy, Aries, and that’s okay. You might feel a little wistful when Mars argues with emotional Chiron on the 15th (more on that below), but by the 17th, a sync from visionary Uranus in your sign helps you see the glass half-full again. At the end of the weekend, mythological lovers Venus and Mars link up to give you a moment as romantic enough to make everyone in your feed jealous.

On the 16th, a Pisces lunar eclipse illuminates your spirituality sector, connecting you with your inner mystic. Aries people are usually more concerned with getting their bodies in shape than their mindset, but don’t be surprised if you start Googling crystals, sage, or even setting up a full moon ritual with your friends! This eclipse is Chiron, the centaur who trained Hercules and other Greek heroes for battle. Think of it like this: ultimately, a calm mind or a good luck charm is a tool that you can use to win.

The Pisces lunar eclipse is also on the receiving end of stressful vibes from Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, so you might feel a little out-of-sorts for a few days. If nothing else, you’ll be relieved that Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 22nd too! Say goodbye to tech snafus and missed signals, and watch as your daily routine returns to some semblance of normalcy.

A lovely Libra new moon closes out the month on the 30th, gracing your partnership zone with her beauty. It’s on lucky Jupiter newly in the same sign, so the stars are aligned for anyone who’s looking to meet a soulmate or make a relationship official. Remember: the seventh house in astrology rules lovers, but it can also be business partnerships and best friends! This moon will also be square a potent combination of Mars and Pluto in your emotions sector, so you’ll have to be vulnerable at some point—something that doesn’t come naturally to you, Aries. That said, Saturn in your expansive ninth house will help you step outside your comfort zone.

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