Our Favorite Work Bags and Shoes

Our Favorite Work Bags and Shoes

Because if summer has to end, let it go out with a shopping spree. In collaboration with Ted Baker.

The one thing guaranteed to soften the blow of getting seriously serious about refocusing on work (we mean it this time, it’s happening) is splurging on new clothes and accessories for work. Remember that whole first day of school “what are you going to wear” thing? As an adult you get all the excitement of a fresh start, without the cafeteria anxiety of where you’ll sit.

And since it’s probably still hot AF where you live, and therefore too early to change your wardrobe entirely, let’s start with the details of new work-appropriate bags and shoes. Here are our favorites.

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Is there anything more satisfying or confidence-building than clicking powerfully down a hallway in a beautiful pair of heels? No. There is not. We have piles of these under our desks, because realistically, we spend most of the day in flats.


Sleek Handbag

Don’t have to carry your computer to work every day? Lucky you! Get yourself a smaller (not back-breakingly heavy) shoulder bag that holds just the essentials, and looks totally pulled-together.



Yeaaaah buddy. If you, like us, don’t drive to work, you’ll want a comfy pair of flats to get you to and from the office to a meeting, to lunch, to drinks, and home again. But just because we said *comfy* doesn’t mean they can’t also be pretty! Leave your sneakers in your closet this fall and instead go for something with a little more polish.


Computer-Friendly Tote

Schlepping your computer every day is really not the most fun, but it is necessary. It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to carry all your stuff in a computer bag your dad bought for you at Circuit City circa 1999. These totes should do nicely instead.

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