When Stephanie Met Sharon

A friendship match made in heaven. AKA: on a Coveteur shoot.

Renée Rodenkirchen

We’ve already established that in our line of work, we often meet incredible people—it is, actually, a literal requirement of our line of work given that we’re featuring the best, most delightful folks on the planet. And sometimes, in the process of doing our jobs, well, we develop feelings. Friendship-type feelings that extend beyond the parameters of the typical work relationship.  Such is the case for our very own co-founder, Stephanie Mark, and Sharon Ainsberg, the founder of Sho + Co, a boutique NYC agency that focuses on celebrity and influencer initiatives. You might remember her from this. Here, *real* friendship chemistry happening in real life—it was literally “love at first sight.”

And if you, like we, are also feeling pretty obsessed with Sharon, be on the lookout for more from her—she’s going to be sharing her professional and life wisdom with us on the reg. Stay tuned!

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