In Memory of Sonia Rykiel
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In Memory of Sonia Rykiel

A look at some of our favorite Rykiel moments in Coveteur history.

This morning, at the age of 86, French designer Sonia Rykiel passed away. The designer, and crowned “Queen of Knitwear”, was famous for her love of stripes, and all things exuberant, playful, and French. She was an absolute icon of French style. So much so that this morning François Hollande, the president of France, tweeted: “Sonia Rykiel was [a free spirit,] and a pioneer. Her style will remain the symbol of the alliance between color and nature; fluidity and light.”

Her playful blend of French signatures (Breton stripes and beautiful knitwear), with a heavy dose of irreverent je ne sais quoi, made her clothing a delightful staple in the wardrobes of some of the most stylish people in the world (she’s also responsible for one of the most iconic looks in SATC history). Our thoughts are with Lola Rykiel and the entire Rykiel family.


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