Playing Operation with Rachel Trachtenburg

Meet the twenty-two-year-old who’s pretty much taking over the world.

Renée Rodenkirchen

When we found ourselves hanging out with the doe-eyed, Valentino-clad Rachel Trachtenburg we figured it was prime time yet again to break out one of our childhood favorites, Operation. Lately, we've become a little addicted and tbh, it seemed as though Rachel was right there with us. Not only that, but she was a natural, even in front of the camera. Not hard to believe considering that on top of her being a musician—first in a family band that started when she was only six years old (!), and now in her own band, Wooing—her resume also includes acting and modeling. Oh, and did we mention she’s an activist? Sort of made us wonder what the eff we’ve been doing with our lives. Not to worry though—she has laughing fits on the regular and is just as obsessed with bags as we are. Rachel, if you’re reading this, just know we’re ready for a rematch whenever you are.


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