Is Switchel The New Kombucha?

Is Switchel The New Kombucha?

Another day, another drink to snapchat.

In today’s edition of new (but technically ancient) superfoods social media has deemed worthy of in-bed or at-brunch posts: switchel. A wellness concoction of three good-for-you ingredients you likely (definitely!) have in your refrigerator. (Okay, maybe except for one, which is more of a Canadian staple, but you’ll see below.) Or, if you’d rather pay $5 for someone else to do it for you, you can get the bottled version at Health Nuts or, like, wait three minutes and all the juice places will make it a menu staple. But we digress, because this formula is more thirst-quenching than a Diet Coke post-night-out (and 1,000 times better for you) and packed with energy- and immune-boosting goodness. So, we made our own Cov-version recipe—alcohol option included (obviously).


What You Need

(set amounts to taste)

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Maple Syrup
Lemon (optional)
Tequila (also optional, but might negate the *health* factor)


How It’s Done

1. Slice or crush ginger.
2. Slice the lemon.
3. Pour water, apple cider vinegar, sliced or crushed ginger into a glass. Squeeze in as much lemon as desired.
4. Add maple syrup to taste.
5. *Add in 1oz of tequila or alcohol of choice.


Why It’s Good For You

Let’s break it down ingredient by ingredient, shall we?

Apple cider vinegar: This is your alternative to Gatorade. As in, the amino acids break down lactic acid and give you an intense energy boost. ACV is a great natural antibiotic and full of potassium.
Ginger: Great for digestion and an amazing anti-inflammatory agent. It also reduces blood-sugar levels.
Maple syrup: Runs low on the glycemic index (aka no sugar crash) and is a source of calcium and potassium.
Lemon juice: So much vitamin C!

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