Arpana Rayamajhi

Jewelry Designer. Artist. New York.

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Leslie Kirchhoff

Like every girl in 2016 (see this Amy Schumer skit), we’re all about the universe manifesting what we want. And by that logic, if Arpana Rayamjhi’s Björk face swaps (endearing albeit slightly creepy, in the way all face swaps are) are any indication, the multi-disciplinary artist and jewelry designer is in for big things.

The Kathmandu-born creative first arrived in New York—she now shares a place in the Flatiron District with her man—to study at Cooper Union and started focusing on jewelry as a refuge of sorts while feeling unsatisfied with her arts practice. She graduated with a full-blown jewelry business—in a move that our YM-reading selves would all appreciate, Brandon Boyd of Incubus recently commissioned her first men’s pieces—and hasn’t looked back since.

Rayamajhi ushered us into her massive loft, which has paintings, endless travel tchotchkes, toys, sculptures and more dotting every available surface, and from the moment she pulled out a pair of magenta glitter Cuban-heeled Saint Laurent boots, we knew we were in for some real magic. The best part of our afternoon, though, was ultimately the interview—not that we don’t always love getting to know the people we shoot, but there’s something special about spending a summer Friday curled up on a couch and conversation-hopping from karma to cultural appropriation, Jimi Hendrix, Snapchat, life, death (seriously), and the power in sharing your least flattering selfies (yup). Oh, and about that whole universe thing? Björk, if you’re reading this…