Your August 2016 Horoscope is Here!

Your August 2016 Horoscope is Here!

What the *stars* have in store for your sign.

August begins with a Leo new moon and Mars in Sagittarius, both as sweltering as the month itself. The New Moon is a welcome boost to your confidence, and Mars into Sagittarius lends the energy you need to push through the dog days of summer. On August 18, a visionary Aquarius eclipse inspires you to take a calculated risk, because what’s life without a little uncertainty? Finally, Mercury starts his famous retrograde phase at the end of the month, so back up your phones and be careful what (and who) you text. There’s more in your sign’s horoscope!

Quick astrology tip: read the horoscope for both your sun sign and your rising sign (also called your ascendant). If you don’t know your rising sign, find it by using this simple chart calculator here!


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