August 2016 Horoscopes: Taurus

August 2016 Horoscopes: Taurus

APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Feeling more extra than usual? The Leo New Moon on August 2 will activate your emotional center at the base of your horoscope. For best results, refresh your personal sanctuaries, whether that’s a physical home or close relationships. Support from responsible Saturn in your intimacy sector helps you set boundaries where you need them. A quick fix? Add some Leo sparkle to your spaces—a pretty crystal on your desk could uplift your energy.

Things heat up when your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo on August 5. Virgo is your romance sector, so with the love goddess in the mix, your desires suddenly skyrocket. If you’re single, it’s a fabulous opportunity to meet a fun summer suitor, but don’t expect commitment right away—this could be more lust than love. Give it time and see how it plays out. If you’re with someone, use that energy to breathe new life into your relationship.

This month’s Full Moon on August 18 is extra special: it’s a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are superpowered celestial events, the effects of which will ripple out for weeks, and even months to come. This one is in Aquarius, the sign of friends, groups, and visionaries. Networking could pave major in-roads for your career—you just have to walk down them. The eclipse is getting good vibes from Uranus in your spirituality zone, so there’s also the possibility of you meeting someone with whom you were meant to work with. Keep an open mind!

On August 29, Venus moves on to Libra, your sixth house of health and habits. If you indulged a little too much this summer, use this shift to get back on track. Mercury starts his retrograde phase the following day, which is also great time for a wellness refresh. Remember that, as a Taurus, you’ll be more successful if you can find a regimen that makes you feel beautiful. You’re way more dance cardio than elliptical.

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