August 2016 Horoscopes: Aries

August 2016 Horoscopes: Aries


On August 2, the Leo New Moon lights up your fifth house of creativity. With support from Saturn in Sagittarius, Lady Luna will inspire you to make your dream projects a reality. Another possibility? The fifth house can also be romance, and Sagittarius travel. Don’t be surprised if you end up going on a trip with your mate, or falling for someone who lives far away.

If you’ve been feeling the summertime blues, you won’t be singing sad songs for long. The month begins with your ruling planet, Mars, entering Sagittarius on August 3. Sagittarius is known for having a bohemian spirit, so this shift will infuse your vibe with an easygoing sense of adventure that might seem a bit reckless at first. It’s okay to lean into that feeling and see where it takes you.

This month’s Full Moon on August 18 is extra special: it’s a lunar eclipse. Eclipses are superpowered celestial events, the effects of which will ripple out for weeks and even months to come. This one is in Aquarius, the sign of friends, groups, and visionaries. It’s getting good vibes from Uranus in your sign, so this would be a great time to gather your squad and celebrate an achievement, close an important chapter of your life or make a necessary change. Hair color change, anyone?

Writers, travelers, and anyone who might need to file important paperwork this month, take note: Mars aligns with Saturn in from August 23 to 24 to open up important doors for you. Mars brings the passion and Saturn gives structure—together, they’re a boss deal. Make sure you finalize your plans before Mercury begins his retrograde phase on August 30.

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