Marissa Webb

Designer. New York

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

Every so often, there are fashion movements that you can credit to a few very specific people. The bomber-jacket-and-slinky-slip-dress thing that's currently the going out uniform for anyone under 25? All Monica Rose. Wearing Nike hightops with literally everything, including long, flowing, flouncy gowns? Veronika Heilbrunner's the poster child. The rich girl hair bend lob? Blame Jen Atkin (or more likely, thank her). As for that idiosyncratic mix of classics (denim, button-downs, leather) and crazy (sequins, fun fur, neon); super femme-y (pencil skirts, pearls, towering heels) and tomboy (boyfriend jeans, blazers, pinstripes) that’s basically defined what we’ve considered to be timeless, objectively “good” dressing for the past decade or so? We’ve always had a strong suspicion, but after having seen her closet, we’re happy to confirm that it’s one hundred percent Marissa Webb.

We'll explain it this way: Webb spent just over a decade at J.Crew before landing at the very top and heading up women's apparel and accessories design. Initially leaving the brand to start her own thing, she had a brief, albeit widely-publicized stint at Banana Republic before focusing solely on her eponymous line. Said line pretty much encompasses all of the  staples we mentioned, juxtaposing military and florals, structural and slouchy. And seeing it all come together in her jaw-dropping Union Square closet, rap blasting in the background, it all made sense when Webb summed it up herself—”I had one side where I was a complete tomboy, and then I’d run home and start sketching dresses. I think that stayed with me”. We’d say so.