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Noah Lehava’s Week in Open Tabs

More informative than a Bumble profile.

Serena Hood
“[In the U.S. I miss] my friends and NY’s 24 hour delivery! They are still catching onto that in London, which means I have had to become a better cook (I’m still very much working on it). I love living in the UK, particularly spending time in the English countryside. There is something magical about it—in fact my husband and I were married in the Cotswolds so it holds a special place in my heart. I also enjoy how accessible London is to the rest of Europe. The ability to hop on a plane and two hours later be in Paris or Barcelona or Rome, skiing in Switzerland or by the pool in the South of France.”
Shoes, Moschino; Jewelry, Hermès

There’s nothing like a new Coveteur column based solely on your internet history to make you feel vulnerable. I mean, you guys get to see just how scatter-brained and nerdy I can be. Yikes. The thing is, I oscillate between totally feeding into WTF-publicity-stunts “celebrities” pull daily and tech blogs—because balance. I also keep 5+ tabs open at any given time dedicated to the online purchases I should (but probably won’t) make. Okay, deep breaths, I’m about to reveal the specifics. Here goes nothing.


1. Tesla Stock Prices: I’m starting with the nerdiest tab first. Pulling it off like a Band-Aid. Phew. So here’s the backstory: I stumbled on Elon Musk’s (I have a crush, don’t judge) Master Plan on Tesla’s blog—yes, they have one and it’s an effing good read—and I believe in this company so hard. Same with Solar City. So, I geeked out and looked up stock prices (for investment purposes, you know). They’re $234.20 at time of writing, in case you were wondering. I’ll take one.

2. Snooki’s New Music Video (???): What-the-actual-fuck? Why are you doing this to us, Snooki?!

3. I’m in the midst of planning a trip to Greece in a few weeks and this site is amazing for booking all the final details like yacht trips and finding the best hidden beaches.

4. Rimowa Suitcase: I’m using my next big trip as an excuse to finallllllyyyyy make a big girl purchase and buy luggage. I’ve been eyeing a Rimowa since forever and settled on the white Salsa. I love you!!

5. Hermès Oran Sandals: Speaking of big girl purchases, I’m pinching my pennies to get these in my hands. Want. Need. Gimme. Please?

6. An Inspirational Collection of Rihanna Taking Her Wine Glasses to Go: LIFE GOALS!


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