24 Sunglasses, Slides & Hats To Help You Survive The Height Of Summer

Added bonus: they’re all under $150.

By: Emily Ramshaw

It’s officially the height of summer. Which means we’re still in the same denim cut-offs and summer dresses, and won’t change until the temperature dips back down to survivable levels. It also means that those no-second-thought-required extras, like sunglasses, hats, and sandals, are the wardrobe items we depend on. Not only because they help make high-summer manageable, but also because they’re the kinds of pieces that you can buy in bulk (pool slides, anyone?) and switch out to make that old sundress feel just a little bit new. Here are some of the best sunglasses, slides, and hats that you can buy now and wear for the next month or two—and, they’re all under $150 (most under $100). No guilt.