Playing Operation with Emily Meade

The star of Nerve, and our newest girl-crush.

Renée Rodenkirchen

One of the movies we’re most excited about this summer is finally out today (yay)! Nerve, which stars Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, and Emily Meade, deals with social media, and the lengths young people will go to to get famous (not pointing any fingers, or anything). But if the film is any indication, um, Houston, we have a problem.

Meade, who has previously starred in The LeftoversMoney Monster, and That Awkward Moment, plays Sydney, a teen who is, in her words, “obsessed with getting famous.”

Well, we’re obsessed with her, and in an effort to get to know her better we challenged her to a game of Operation with a very special Q&A element. Emily, if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out, we think you might have a future as a surgeon.

Dress, Suno; Necklace, Cartier; Shoes, Gianvito Rossi

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