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What To Give Your Groom On Your Wedding Day

We made it easy.

What To Give Your Groom On Your Wedding Day

In our sartorially inclined world, shopping is *pure* pleasure. We spend endless blissful hours perusing our most-frequented e-retailers and dedicate practically entire days to IRL boutique shopping. We shop for ourselves as a reward, to celebrate a significant event, in lieu of therapy (!), and to satiate our sheer love of fashion and “pretty things.” But the most fulfilling purchases are gifts for our S.O. and loved ones.

Unless, of course, you’re tasked with finding something for a *very* special occasion and a *very* special person: your groom on your wedding day. The gift has to be memorable, sentimental and nostalgic all at the same time. No pressure. Add to that the challenges of shopping for a man, and, well, the difficulty level goes up tenfold. Where does one even start? Anthony Luscia, Special Projects and Men’s Fashion Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings, is our most trusted source for guidance on gifts for him on the morning of your big day.


The Starting Point

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. You don’t want this gift to be temporary—it should be something he keeps forever and makes him think of you when he wears or uses it.

“It can be something for the wedding, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important that it has some sentimental value—whether it’s the perfect cufflinks that you shopped for for months to find, a handwritten note on beautiful stationery, or his favorite vintage bottle of wine from the vineyard you visited together. It’s important that you put time and effort into thinking about what he would like.”


You Can’t Fail With These

“Cufflinks or a watch are great ideas for a gift. A vintage watch is a great option—something that’s his style or from a time period that means something to him. You could ask for something like a pocket watch from his grandfather or a significant family member. It should definitely be something that he could use again and that will make him think of you every time he wears it.

“Writing a note on gorgeous stationery and slipping it into his coat pocket the day of is one of our favorite ideas. Something cute and intimate but not overly emotional.”


How Much Should You Actually Spend?

“$300-plus, but this varies, of course.”



“I think it’s traditional and nice to give your gift the day of the wedding. You don’t want an emotional gift to be given right before the wedding—give it the morning of, when there’s time for everyone to settle their nerves and emotions and get excited for the main event!”


Avoid These Gifts

“Don’t buy something that the groom feels pressure to wear for the wedding. As we all know, the groom and bride plan what they are wearing well beforehand, and you don’t want him to feel pressured to wear something last minute just to make you happy.”


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