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The Most Badass Model Boxing Workout

Better done with friends.

The Most Badass Model Boxing Workout

WARNING: Find yourself your most equally workout-obsessed friend because the below workout is not for a novice. But, then again, Dogpound, the punching ground for practically any model who has been strapped into angel wings and has an Instagram account, trains the hardest bodies in New York. And we had to see what a supermodel buddy workout looks like for ourselves. Cue: two of the gym’s badass trainers, Dara Hart and Bianca Vesco, who get in the ring and do things like *this*. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Move #1

Elevator Jab-Cross

“Stand back-to-back with your partner. Begin walking your feet forward and sit into a squat. From your squat, press your backs together and punch 1, 2 (jab, cross). Driving through your heels and pressing into your partner's back. Stand and punch 1,2. Squat and punch the combo, then stand and punch, moving together with your partner as one.”


Move #2

Leg Throw Uppercuts

“Lay flat on the ground, face up, with your partner standing next to your shoulders. Hold on tightly to your partner's ankles as you lift your legs straight up towards the ceiling. As you ignite your core by lifting your legs, your partner throws punches 5,7 (two uppercuts) against the laces of your shoes. Make sure your back is protected by keeping it flat against the floor. Keep your core continuously engaged by not letting your feet touch the ground as you lower your legs from the punch! To mix it up, try bending your knees!”


Move #3

Push-Ups to Punch

“Face your partner in plank position with your arms wide and with your hands curled into a fist, knuckles on the ground. Complete a push-up with elbows bent behind the shoulders to activate the triceps and the chest. After each push-up, tap your partner’s hands in a straight punch before you lower down into the next rep. Synchronize and try to breathe with each movement—inhale on the way down and exhale as you push up to punch. As you reach out your fist, keep your hips as still as possible to activate the core and to protect the lower back. Widen the feet for more stability and support.”


Move #4

Monkey Sit Up

“Wrap your legs around your partner's hips and lean back for a full sit up. After each sit up, throw two punches into your partner's hands. While you crunch, your partner sits into a 3/4 squat to activate their glutes and quads and holds strong, tight hands. Make sure to link your feet tightly around your partner's back. Keep your eyes on the target of your punch."


Move #5

Bodyweight Deadlift

“Lay on one side as straight as possible while your partner grabs your bicep and inner thigh. Driving through the heels, with a flat back, your partner pushes forward and lifts you from the ground, squeezing the glutes together to stand. As you complete the deadlift, make sure to stick your glutes as far back as possible while keeping your chest broad and your back flat. You can link your legs together and wrap your arms across their chest to assist your partner's grip.”


Move #6

Buddy Squat

“Lift your partner sideways over your shoulders. Standing hip-width distance apart, sink down into a squat, then drive through the heels to stand. Keep a slight tuck of the chin to the chest so the neck remains a natural extension from the spine and tighten the core to protect the back. Inhale to squat, exhale to stand. For tight hips or if the depth of your squat is limited, find a slightly wider stance with feet turned out.”

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