Inside Jewelry Designer Lele Sadoughi’s Home

Inside Jewelry Designer Lele Sadoughi’s Home

Living goals realized.

One of the great things about New York real estate is that, more often than not, what you see (from the street) is not at all what you get. Where you may get wardrobe and outfit peacocks, the facades of of the most stunning New York homes give little clue as to what lies behind closed doors.

Case in point: jewelry designer Lele Sadoughi’s Chelsea townhouse. From street level, you’d never guess that the native Texan’s home would have a glass wall running up nearly the entire back side of the house, or that there would be multiple balconies overlooking a lush backyard. As far as life lessons go, the world of interiors serves a good one: what you see is almost never what you get.

But even inside the home there are surprises—for example, the top floor serves as Sadoughi’s office and studio and is literally packed with her designs. Or, the fact that the framed prints on one wall of her “grown-up room” came from One King’s Lane or are photos she took herself in high school, and that the entire arrangement of images was purchased and framed for less than $600. Total. Surprise!

The designer, who launched J.Crew’s jewelry division back in the day (NBD), works from home with her two insanely adorable children and has achieved what we can only describe as ultimate living goals. Here, everything about her career, style, and maintaining the work-life balance when your work and life happen to take place in the same space.

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