3 Workouts That Are Good For Your Skin

3 Workouts That Are Good For Your Skin

The ultimate multitask.

Guys! This is the best discovery since avocado on toast: Three types of workouts that not only have crazy-good health benefits (no new news there) but are simultaneously good for your skin. Seems there are real, visible, skin-enhancing benefits—that are comparable to your tried-and-true beauty treatments—to sweating, massaging, and stretch-based workouts. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.


High Intensity Cardio

Treatment equivalent: Steam

What’s not so chill? A jump rope rooftop workout. Yes, it’ll make you sweat—especially in July, in NYC—but your body’s way of cooling down is also its way of flushing toxins out of your pores. The trick here though: rinse off right after, so those toxins end up in the drain rather than sucked back into your pores.



Treatment Equivalent: Sound Bath

You know the adage, beauty comes from within? Yeah, this is something like that. Just like a sound bath, the slow cadence of movement and breath in yoga helps us chill out. And chilling out means less stress-induced skin woes.


Foam & Ball Rolling 

Treatment Equivalent: Deep Tissue Massage

“The grippy surface of the therapy balls grabs the surface of your skin and teases apart scar tissue, while stimulating collagen and fresh skin cell growth,” explains Equinox’s Ariel Kiley. “Because of their grippy surface, the therapy balls can also create shear between relative tissue layers, leading to myofascial release,” a.k.a the release helps reduce the appearance of dimpled hamstrings.

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