Brie Welch

Fashion Director, Garance Doré. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

While there are plenty of people in the fashion industry who got a leg up from their fantastically well-connected parents, the majority of people who work in fashion (the vast majority, really) who get into the industry through a lot of trial and error, passion, and a shit-load of hard work. Like most of us who work here at Cov HQ, for example. Or, like Brie Welch, fashion director at fellow digital pioneer (thank you very much) Garance Doré, who worked hard to get where she is—and has a life not unlike ours or yours, but owns just a little more Céline (way more Céline), and is able to arrange it all in a way that’s just a little more aesthetically pleasing than most of us.

In other words: we can relate. For one thing, she styles *regular* fashion people for a living for a website that has essentially taken the industry by storm (we swear our sites are totally different, guys) and helps oversee all editorial content. For another, she lives in an East Village walk-up that, admittedly, was hot AF when we photographed her the other week, and yet her apartment looked like it was straight out of an extreme Tumblr sesh: white washed walls, pressed flowers in frames, handwritten notes—it’s the details, people.

Another thing about visiting fashion editors who have worked for it: they know all the tricks. Like, for example, how to eBay like a pro and find vintage Céline jeans for $40. And where to go to find the best vintage in Paris. Also, lots of slipper shoes and special pieces found on travels in Ibiza, and Margiela earrings—in other words, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Like we said, she’s worked hard.