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16 Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Alternatives

When Kleinfeld just really isn’t your thing.

In the months leading up to one’s wedding, there are few elements more stressful than choosing The Dress. The Dress needs to encapsulate the entirety of your relationship, and also perfectly represent your personal style. The Dress should be the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever seen, and on top of all that, it should make you look “angelic” (read: virginal). It’s a lot. Adding to the element of pressure is the fact that there are literally millions of gorgeous wedding dresses out there. But what if beading and tulle and pseudo-sexist tradition just really isn’t your thing, and you’d like wear something a little more modern, like, say...pants? We feel you, and we’ve found the best bridal alternatives out there. And as a bonus, we’ve also thrown in the best non-traditional shoes on the market, too.




The *one* thing you’re supposed to do at your wedding (besides, you know, get married) is dance. On your special day, you’re supposed to get down like you’ve never gotten down before. And you know what helps 100% of the world’s population feel like dancing? A jumpsuit. Wear one of these and we guarantee you’ll have the night of your life, and nobody will be able to stop talking about how awesome you looked.

Mini Dress

Maybe you’re getting married on the beach. Maybe you’re getting married in a field, or in a courthouse, or at a petting zoo—or maybe you just have sexy-ass legs and you feel like showing them off! Whatever the reason, a mini dress is an excellent option to feel great and make a statement at your wedding.


Wear them as part of a suit, with a crop top, with something off-the-shoulder, or really break from tradition and wear them with sequin heart-shaped pasties. Whatever you pair them with, if you want to wear a badass pair of bridal pants, you do you, girl. Just wear them.


For those among us who love color, or who think the idea of bridal “purity” is repugnant, celebrate your happiest day in something bright, sparkly, or metallic. PS. this multi-color Chloé number is just about the chicest thing we’ve ever seen for a same sex wedding.


When we said non-traditional bridal shoes, we meant comfortable shoes. By comfortable shoes, we mean flats. Whether you’re into fancy sneakers, embellished sandals, or something menswear-inspired (and something blue!) there’s something out there for you.

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