Candela Novembre

Model. Milan

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

When all's said and done, and our shoot subject finally kicks us out (it's all very Cribs), the mark of a good Coveteur shoot is usually how game someone is to get weird with us. Our favorites, obviously, are anyone who’s down to do just about anything (within reason, of course) to get the shot. Whether that’s climb up onto a rooftop in your lingerie or a don a kimono with a plastic sword (we warned you!), or make an appearance at your local barbershop—those acting-relaxed-on-your-sofa shots only go so far, and we take an instant liking to anyone who trusts we’re not making them act a fool in vain (if something feels awkward, it probably looks good, as our photog Renée always assures them). Case in point: Candela Novembre.

Novembre greeted us at home in Milan early one morning, after dropping her kids at school. We know almost instinctively she would be the ideal subject—her laissez-faire insistence that we go nuts rummaging through her things while she got dressed in a full-length Vetements dress was a good tip-off. From there all it took was a flash of our camera and she was tossing her hair in front of a rainbow pennant tacked to her otherwise minimalist living room wall and smoking on her balcony with a cup of good Italian coffee in the chicest silk bathrobe by L'Attico (c/o Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tiordini)—as it turns out, our spidey senses were right on. Anyone whose first instinct upon whipping out a bottle of Moschino's Fresh Couture fragrance is to pantomime spritzing it at everything in sight is our kind of girl.