How to Party-Proof Your Outfit

How to Party-Proof Your Outfit

Because daytime drinking leads to nighttime partying.

We’ve all been there: it’s a sunny Saturday, your thermometer is sitting at 85 degrees, and your friend has successfully persuaded you to meet up with her for a drink or two (tops!) on a patio. You can still have a productive Sunday! Fast forward and you’re five glasses of rosé in, and have had a significant amount of sun—your judgement is nil. Next thing you know, you’re mapping out a night full of bar hopping and dancing. Forget that you told yourself you’d be home by six to finish binge-watching Game of Thrones—things happen, and, well, we’ve all been there.

Yeah, we’re all for spontaneity—but messy hair, wrinkled clothing, and blisters from those really-cute-but-only-good-for-an-hour shoes are things we are not “all for.” There are a few fool-proof steps we swear by so that by the time 10 PM rolls around, you’ll look like your night’s just starting—not that you’re on your sixth cocktail of the day, and are hardcore eyeing the hotdog truck parked outside of the bar.


The New Going Out Shoe

There are few things we love more than a good heel in the summertime. But let’s face it, if you’re looking for longevity, five inches are not sustainable—especially if your night is going to involve a sweaty dance session. Thankfully, it’s all about sneakers right now. Do yourselves a favor and throw on a pair before heading out for “a few” drinks.

The Non-Iron Dress

Chances are you’re not spending all day standing outside. No, you’re lounging on the plush outdoor couch, or shimmied up on a bar stool. All seems good and fine until you go to stand up and realize that super cute poly-blend dress you’re wearing is wrinkled in all the wrong places, and you’re probably facing some serious sweat marks. Yikes. To stay wrinkle-free (and not...uh...sweat stained…) opt for something patterned, pleated, or even denim.

Versatility is Key

Summer is not a time to be lugging around a large tote. You have all winter to be a bag (and coat) lady. Instead invest in a few bold and colorful bags that are more seasonally-appropriate and only hold the essentials. Plus, a good cross-body bag is a savior during the day, but a clutch is just that much more fitting for the night. Hence why we’re suckers for detachable straps. Post-sunset, tuck that strap inside your bag and voila—you’ve got a clutch!

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