My Week in Open Tabs, Annotated

My Week in Open Tabs, Annotated

If I die, please delete my Google history.

Confession: if you ever want to know where my head is at at any given time, snoop through my open tabs. There’s probably a dozen-plus of them, and they’re incredibly revealing. From the embarrassing (if I die, please delete my Google history), to the mundane (scheduling laser appointments) to the delicious (Toronto’s first poke restaurant is almost here and it can’t come soon enough), it’s basically the equivalent of a look inside my brain. If you’re into that kind of thing, here’s an annotated, abbreviated list of what you would’ve found this week.

1. Rose Slushie recipe: Noah is a big advocate of these, and after reading this recipe, I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing I want to drink all summer.

2. Grace Wales Bonner wins the LVMH Prize: Yes to all of this. I couldn’t be a bigger fan if I tried. 

3. Louis C.K.’s Vulture Interview: Do I, like the rest of the Internet, love his analogy about Hillary vs. Bernie? Yes. Do I feel deeply conflicted about his non-response to those icky Gawker rumours that flew around months ago? Yes. A good read nonetheless (go binge watch Horace and Pete—it’s dark and messy and complicated, just like being a human).

4. Advisory Board Crystals: Co-founded by Cov contributor Remington Guest, I've had one of ABC’s crystals sitting atop my desk for the past few weeks and maintaining ~good vibes~ in my absence while taking vacation and travelling for work. I highly suggest you do the same. I mean, how could you resist their branding and moodboard game?

5. Gucci Silk Bomber: Describing this is basically a long list of keywords that please me on a deep, spiritual level. Extra points for the sparkly green and pink trim.

6. Kim Kardashian’s GQ Interview: Sometimes words fail you, and this is one of those times. It’s surreal and not slut shame-y and everything I want from my Kardashian koverage.

7. “All Night”, Chance the Rapper: This is what the song of the summer should sound like. Get into it.

8. How to Survive a Visit from Your Mother: You know that thing where, after too much time with your family, you fall into the same behavioral patterns you did growing up? This is that, nailed. 

9. Pink Stan Smith sneakers: When the idea that you’re thisclose to buying pink Common Projects nearly has you breaking out in guilt hives, you get these to tide you over instead.

10. What Does It Mean When We Call Women Girls?: I love this. That is all.

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