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How to Feel Sexier in 60 Seconds

Hint: it involves sneakers.

Love And Sex
How to Feel Sexier in 60 Seconds

We at The Coveteur firmly believe that everyone is sexy. Yes, even you who thinks you’re “cute” but never “sexy.” It’s in there, we know it! And we want you to feel it too. Whether you want to get that ~special feeling~ for your someone special (there’s nothing wrong with that!) or just for yourself (even better! You go, girl!), we’ve got five easy steps to getting your groove back, even when you just feel, well, kind of meh.

Try a bubble bath

Fact: a warm bath with essential oils, and flickering candlelight will definitely make you feel like your most seductive self. Try sandalwood, rose, or ylang-ylang, which are all proven aphrodisiacs. Truly, the most important step to feeling sexy is treating yourself like the grown-ass woman you are. An ice-cold glass of champagne, to be enjoyed in the tub, doesn’t hurt.

Wear your “big night” lingerie

Been saving a full-on sheer lace corset or teddy for a “special night” with a “special someone?” Take a moment to acknowledge that you are special, and do not hesitate—put that shit on! Even if it’s totally impractical (and even brutally uncomfortable) put it on, then throw on a pair of heels, and marvel at how insanely excellent you look. Bonus points if you wear it all day.

Add some jewels

Now that you’ve strapped yourself into a puzzling, sheer, flimsy, but somehow still structured, and not to mention TIGHT number, and are looking fine-as-hell in the comfort of your home, throw on some big sparkly earrings, or the fanciest piece of fine jewelry you own. Not too bad, right?

Turn on the Kitty Kat jams

You know those songs that make you want to pretend that your doorframe is a stripper pole and get all low and swirly around it? Yeah, that’s a Kitty Kat song. Excellent choices include: Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home, Rihanna’s What’s My Name, or Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman. Just try to resist the urge to drop it like it’s hot.

Take it all outside

Now, put on your best pair of jeans (or, an itty bitty pair of teeny tiny short shorts), a pair of comfy-ass sneakers, a men’s button down that’s open to the middle part of your cleavage, just under your bra. Then, grab a pair of massive headphones (because you want to let everyone on the street know that YOU DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY THINK, and they can keep their comments to themselves), and take your Kitty Kat songs outside. Go for a walk, just for fun. Feel the wind through your gorgeous hair, revel in your lingering sandalwood scent, strut like your life depends on it, and know you are without a doubt the sexiest girl in the city. Werk.

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