How To Look Like You’ve Been On A Vacation in 60 Seconds

How To Look Like You’ve Been On A Vacation in 60 Seconds

When your only tropical view is from your screensaver.

If all the just-having-a-pineapple-garnished-cocktail-on-the-beach Snapchats and look-I’m-having-everything-out-of-a-coconut Instagram posts have you wishing your current beachy view was more than just a screensaver, we have the answer. Simply *fake* that post-vacation glow. Hey, if you can’t join ‘em, you might as well look like ‘em, right? Seriously though, this is how we’re getting all sunkissed and salt-soaked from head-to-toe without even boarding a flight.

Fake it till you make it...

“As someone who specializes in skin finishing and tanning for TV, film, red carpet, and editorial it’s essential to have the right product, and the right tools [for the perfect fake tan]. I find that using a self-tan bronzing mousse is the easiest way to apply a great all over color that’s even and natural looking. The most important tool you need is an applicator mitt. It will protect your hands and allow you to evenly apply your mousse. Apply 2-3 pumps of product to your mitt, and start at your feet then work your way up.” — Fiona Locke, Skin Finishing & Custom Tanning Expert, Fiona Locke Studio.

Get that flush

"I’m hooked on Le Blush Crème de CHANEL in Chamade—it's an intense, warm pink shade. It looks really bright in the package, but when blended it leaves a gorgeous flush that works on many skin tones. The cream formula is very smooth and has great lasting power.

There are too many great colors of NARS blush for me to name them all, but Exhibit A (amazing on super-dark skin tones), Mata Hari (great for medium tones), Taos (looks good on everyone), Liberté (no, it doesn’t look orange on the skin) and Deep Throat (my go-to for fair skin) all have permanent homes in my studio.” — Robin Black, Beauty is Boring.

Smell like the ocean, be the ocean

The best way to fool people into thinking you’ve just stepped off of a Caribbean-bound flight, is to smell like you’ve been sipping coconut water for 7 days straight. Cue Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom.

And you can’t possibly convince yourself (and others) that you truly just got back from St. Bart’s without smelling like sunscreened skin and salt water, so spritz Margiela’s Beach Walk liberally.

That seaside salt-soaked hair everyone wants

“For medium and fine hair, I would suggest Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Dryspun Finish. First, spritz with Surf Spray and twist your hair up in a bun. Let it dry naturally, then release the bun and shake your hair out with your fingers before spraying on Dryspun Finish. The Surf Spray creates a dry texture that helps you modify the shape, and Dryspun Finish creates more of a natural and stylish touch.” —Marco Chan, Session Hairstylist

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