The Best Sunscreens for Every Part of Your Body

The Best Sunscreens for Every Part of Your Body

Because it’s Don't Fry Day!

As far as the ‘fountain of youth’ goes, there’s one thing we know for sure to work. Sunscreen. "Besides protecting yourself from 3 different types of skin cancer, using sunscreen is the number one thing you can do to slow the aging process in your skin," says dermatologist to the most beautiful, elegant, ageless people in the world (ahem, Robin Wright and Naomi Watts), Dr. David Colbert.

And since becoming a recluse and staying indoors during daylight hours is not an option—and, today is Don't Fry Day (yay!)—we’re bringing you all of our favorite SPFs for face, body, hair, and lips.



When it comes to facial SPF two things are key: high SPF broad spectrum coverage (because, if we’re being honest, your face is the moneymaker—right?), and a formula that’s silky and fluid enough to not make you feel like you’re wearing another layer underneath your makeup. Among our favorite formulas, the Supergoop makeup setting SPF spray is a standout—not only will it keep your face in place all day, it also has high level SPF and a refreshing (and unexpected!) rosemary scent.



One of the best advances in sunscreen technology, in our book, is a spray formula. These will keep your whole body protected, no matter what you’re doing.



Think you don’t need SPF for your hair? Consider the damage UV rays can do to a freshly dyed mane—think frizz, breakage, crunchy ends, and seriously faded color. But even worse than ruining your perfect color? Getting a sunburn on your scalp. Yes it’s possible, and it’s even more awful than it sounds.



Along the same lines as a scalp burn, a lip burn ranks about as high up on the discomfort scale as an allergic reaction to a Brazilian bikini wax. It’s awful. The skin on our lips is just as susceptible to burning as the rest of our skin, except that it doesn’t produce natural oils, and is thinner than the rest of our skin—so really, our lips are way more delicate than any other part of our body when it comes to burns. When you’re at the beach, avoid glosses (which can magnify the sun’s intensity on your lips) and instead use a balm with SPF. Moisture + protection = key.

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