Lucy Pinter

Stylist; Designer, Superfine. Los Angeles.

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

We have a confession: before stepping foot in Lucy Pinter’s home—an architecturally blessed A. Quincy Jones masterpiece, nestled comfortably on a hilltop in Topanga, California—we didn’t know exactly what to expect. You see, Pinter hails from Australia by way of London and Paris, where she styled some of the music industry's most influential figures (*cough* Amy Winehouse *cough*). Eventually, she made her way to the cowboy and artist ladened hills of Topanga with her secretly legendary photographer husband (he’s lensed covers for ELLE and Vogue for more than a few decades) and two stunning children.

So as you can imagine, when a life is as fortuitous as hers, it’s going to inspire some great things. Case in point: Superfine, Pinter’s collection of impeccably tailored leather skinny pants (her closet is overflowing with 100+ shades), flowy, tie-dyed shirts, and easy pantsuits. Her personal closet wasn’t much different; appropriately stocked with Superfine staples—we mean, if you’re creating what you love, we can’t blame you for wearing it too. But there were also Balenciaga leather jackets, Yves Saint Laurent silk blouses, a cache of boots, and Louboutins thrown in the mix. It practically screamed I-love-rock-n-roll-and-live-in-the-mountains. Like we said, we didn’t know just what to expect but it was so good.