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How To Protect Yourself From The Sun in 60 Seconds

While still wearing less and going out more.

How To Protect Yourself From The Sun in 60 Seconds

Let’s face it: by the time summer finallllly rolls around (we’re looking at you, global warming) you’re dying to strip off those layers, almost as fast as you can say “who the hell is becky with the good hair”? But, no one wants to be *that* girl who resembles a lobster after the first cloudless day, because, well, it’s just not cute. Which is why we’ve finally had to admit to ourselves that mom was always right in saying that SPF is a girl’s best friend. You win this time, mom.

The good news though, is that slathering on sunscreen isn’t the only way to combat harmful UV rays. Naturally, we did some digging for you guys and confirmed that it’s possible to have a subtle glow and hydrated, sun-bleached hair, all the while treating your body like the temple it is. Trust us, if this summer you want your skin to glow like Doutzen’s did at the Met Gala, then this one’s for you.


Tomato Paste

By now we all know that antioxidants are good for us, right? Well, there’s one in particular that should become your go-to for the coming months. It goes by the name of lycopene and it provides longstanding protection against UV-induced effects. A major source for this antioxidant is tomato paste. Eat one tablespoon a day (we swear it’s not as bad as it sounds) and your skin will thank you. Tomato paste can be a little much, we get it, so if you can’t handle that at least make sure you are eating tomatoes everyday. And yes, ketchup counts.


Coconut Oil

This hero product is back again. We’ve told you before how to use coconut oil as a hair mask but this time we’re urging you to drink it. And for good reason. Adding 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil to a cup of herbal tea every day can do your skin wonders. The acids and saturated fats your body consumes by doing this are used for new skin formation and are protective against sunburns. Combing a little through your hair before hitting the beach never hurts either. It’ll protect those precious locks of yours from harmful rays by keeping them moisturized and creating a barrier from chlorinated pools. Because, let’s be serious, you didn’t spend all winter growing out your lob for nothing. 


Double Duty Products

Nowadays we all love a good shortcut. We mean, some of us hardly have time to run a brush through our hair in the morning, let alone apply a full coat of sunscreen (although you really should). Lucky for us a ton of amazing beauty products have SPF built right in to make our mornings a breeze. Shiseido’s UV Protective Foundation, on top of being refillable (!) has SPF and can be applied to wet or dry skin, making it the ultimate poolside foundation. Next up we have Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45, which is a transparent and matte mineral powder that helps prevent skin damage, discoloration, and makes your skin look smooth and radiant. And to finish off the look, throw on a couple swipes of YSL’s Rouge Volupté’s SPF 15 lipstick and you’re ready to face those rays head-on.


Vitamin D3

Take your vitamins, kids. And just because your body naturally gets vitamin D from the sun doesn’t mean that you should put a stop to your daily vitamin D supplement. In fact, increasing your blood levels of vitamin D helps to protect your body against sunburns and skin cancer. There’s really no denying that this vitamin is good for you. So, this summer, make sure you double up on the D.


Wear a Hat

Seems like a practical solution, right? At TC we’re all for a good accessory, especially if it doubles as a protectant from the sun’s rays. Seems as though things are in our favor this year, with kitschy sun hats popping up all over the place. We fell in love with so many it was hard to chose a favorite.

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