Georgia Fowler

Model. New York.

By: Alicia Cesaro
Styling: Alicia Cesaro

Arriving at Georgia Fowler’s airy East Village apartment to find her fresh-faced and with coffees in hand for us, despite seven long-haul flights wasn’t all that surprising. We mean, the only reason we even knew girl had flown through, oh, five different time zones, was because she willingly disclosed that information (and Instagram, duh), not because she showed any signs of fatigue whatsoever. We mean… have you seen her?  Between her glowy AF complexion and head-to-toe monochrome look, Fowler was looking more put together than we do Monday through Friday, so we kind of had the feeling our job would be an easy one.

After sorting through her piles of shoes and bags—think Céline, Givenchy, Gucci and Vuitton (also known as the good stuff)—we started on her closet, which in her very own, model-off-duty way, was filled with pieces that reach both ends of the sartorial spectrum. Between her all-YSL-everything and penchant for black leather to super dreamy, floral motif Chloé dresses—we got to down to business. And guys, yes, it always surprises us how our Coveteurs fall so easily into the role of subject after welcoming us (basically strangers) into their home to literally rummage through their drawers. And while we get that it’s Fowler’s actual job to be at ease in front of the camera, all it took was one snap and we were in full-on shoot mode, snapping in the kitchen, posing in the bathroom in between swipes of lipstick, and even on the street, effortlessly styling and throwing on outfits as she went—basically, doing our job for us.

Post-snap session (P.S. did you catch her takeover ours? Follow us!) we talked about everything from her early modeling days to what she misses from home. In typical Kiwi form, it included the ocean and good burgers. We then capped the day with a quick game of rapid fire, with her breaking down her ideal New York City day: good coffee, shopping and rooftop rosé. Sounds about perfect. We expect an invite next time, K Georgia?