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Christie Brinkley Drinks Champagne Instead of Green Juice

She also dry-exfoliates her face and swears by hair extensions.

Christie Brinkley Drinks Champagne Instead of Green Juice
Renée Rodenkirchen

Christie Brinkley is one of those people—probably because she dominated Sports Illustrated in the early ‘80s and is essentially the picture (as in there are actual pictures everywhere) of all-American beauty—who can’t possibly be that perfect in real life. And yet, when we went to a brunch hosted by the supermodel in question, she was indeed as tall, beautiful, ageless (we’ll say it—flawless) as the pictures say she is. She’s now 62 and we have yet to see a body like hers inside a ModelFit class. We must add, however, that Brinkley knows what her job entails, and she works for it. Which is why we were so curious to find out exactly what her skincare and beauty routine includes (fittingly, it’s a whole lot of her own Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, plus her own Hair2Wear extensions—the real secret to supermodel hair, apparently), and why champagne is her health drink of choice.


On hitting snooze & loving that hot water and lemon thing:

“I wake up and then I say, ‘five more minutes!’ [laughs]. And then I go downstairs and have my warm water and lemon; then I have my cappuccino; then I come upstairs and I’ll exercise in some way—do some sort of thing. I like variety: it’s the spice of life.”


Her morning fitness routine:

“I always start with some sun salutations. I get on my Total Gym—it’s a great eccentric and concentric exercise, which has been proven to be the best exercise for you, stretching and strengthening at the same time. Then I’ll either jump on a Peloton bike or I’ll run—I live out in the Hamptons most of the time, so I’ll take a run down to the beach or I’ll go to a gym to lift some weights. I like to mix it up, but those are my main things.”


How she makes time for mental health (which includes Instagram, BTW):

“After I finish exercising, I’m usually bright red for the next half an hour, forty minutes, so I do phone calls and catch up on Instagram. I check on my kids, for starters. You learn so much about them [laughs]. And I always check in with friends and family. I like this one called @visualhealth because it’s always inspiring and has things like the best foods to eat for shiny hair.”


How she prioritizes skincare:

“When I’m suitably un-red, I use a scrub. I start everyday with my daily exfoliator and I use it without water. I go in little circular motions all over my whole face, down my neck and my chest. Now I’m doing my hands, too. I’ll jump in the shower to rinse that off. When I get out I use my Inlighten serum first, and my Pure Radiance face oil second, and then the Recapture 360 day cream. And sometimes if I feel like my eyes are like puffy or whatever I’ll use that Refocus eye serum and rub to release some of the fluid in there.”


Her daily makeup routine:

“I always do some sort of makeup. I went out the other day for the first time [without it] just because my friends were ready and they were like, ‘come on, you don’t have to do that, let’s go!’ I know it’s going to be the day I’m going to get caught and then I’m going to be in one of those ‘stars without makeup’ spreads—not that I’m a star, but you know what I mean. Everyday, in the inner corner [of the eye] I do a concealer along the bottom, and then I go around and spot conceal, or just use a very thin veil of Giorgio Armani foundation—the one with the sunblock in it. I love it. It’s light and I just use a big brush to put it on. I use blush, curl the lashes, apply mascara—Oh! and emphasize my brow. Key. That’s quick makeup—every day is different for me. There’s no real routine after that. Once I’m dressed and out of the house anything goes. [laughs].”


The magic of hair extensions:

“I have two sets of [hair extensions] in today. This is our new length. They’re so natural because each extension has between seven and 11 different hair colours in it, which makes it blend really well with your own hair. I just think that they’re something that every woman needs in her tool kit—when I have these I know that no matter what, I can clip them in and I’m going to look like I did something. They’re so easy. I mean literally I will either let my hair dry as I’m running around or blow dry my hair and snap them in and it’s like, whoa, instant! You cannot tell that there’s any fake hair in there—it looks like you have the thickest head of hair. I think it’s one of my best hair secrets. It gives you the chicest ponytail you can imagine.”


The advice she’d give her younger self:

“Stay out of the sun. Obviously everything I love doing is in the sun, but thankfully we have a broad spectrum sunblock plus IR defence. That represents 54% of the sun rays that reach us—UVA and UVB is only 7%.”


How to stop caring what everyone else thinks:

“I think I’m more comfortable with being whatever I feel like being that day. When you’re younger, there’s a big ‘what would THEY think’. Now, I don’t really care what they think [laughs]. As long as your intentions are right, nothing else matters. If you’re going through life trying to leave whoever you come across feeling better and never trying to hurt anybody than you should be able to do whatever you want and look however you want. I’m much more driven to want to make sure that every day has joy in it in some way—I make sure everyday that I have that special moment, whether it’s connecting with friends, my kids, or taking time to run down to the beach for a magnificent sunset. When it comes to beauty: so I didn’t exercise that day—so what? I’ll do it tomorrow. I try my hardest, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it.”


Why she drinks three glasses of champagne a day (!):

“I’m really, really happy because I love prosecco and champagne. I love having a nice glass of bubbly with some friends. This Monday I went to Las Vegas to the wine and spirit convention and Tuesday I announced my own line of organic prosecco. My timing is so impeccable on this because about two weeks ago the New York Times came out with a huge study that says that the bubbles of sparkling wine and champagne is helps to prevent Alzheimer's. Doctors orders, three glasses of champagne a day! So I’m on it! Isn’t that good?!”


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