Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

Senior Fashion Editor, DAZED Magazine; Stylist. London

By: Noah Lehava
Styling: Noah Lehava

As religious street-style followers—it’s how we discover our best subjects and closets—we’ve come to appreciate, nay, envy those who seem to haphazardly whip up crazy-cool ensembles from the abyss of their wardrobes without so much as a calculated thought. It’s the definition of intrinsic style. Take stylist-cum-editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, for instance. Her first gig in the industry was pattern cutting at Jonathan Saunders, before shifting gears and assisting at Dazed magazine, where, over a seven-year period, she’s climbed the sartorial ranks to her current role as senior fashion editor. And over that time she’s been a constant subject for street-style photographers who make their bread and butter huddling in front of fashion week tents around the globe.

And all those through-the-lens fashion-week moments weren’t deceptive in the least. When we arrived at her London flat, it was almost instantly obvious that her wardrobe was one we wouldn’t forget. Her closet was brimming with the kinds of kaleidoscopic prints and designer sets we only wish we could pull off. A vintage hunter-green monogrammed Fendi pantsuit, bee-print Ashley Williams trousers, lace-up pom-pom Gucci heels, crystal-encrusted Giuseppi Zanotti boots...you get our point. But the real magic, in our opinion, is how Fraser-Bell manages to mix in the most OTT vintage finds we’ve ever come across with her equally peacock-y designer pieces. “There isn’t one thing I can think of that I can say I would never be caught dead in. I never think about what patterns are going to work together or ponder over whether black is really okay to wear with navy. I just put on what makes me feel good that day.” Like we said, we just wish we could do the same.