How to Copy Your Salon's Pricey Blowout at Home

Yes, you can make your hair look like *that* on your own.

How to Copy Your Salon's Pricey Blowout at Home

We all have our own indulgent, albeit occasionally detrimental, habits. You know, the kind of mini-splurges that don't kill your bottom line the same way a Mansur Gavriel bag habit would but that could easily be scrapped all together. They're usually the first things you rein in every January, but somehow they slowly creep back onto on your bank statement come March. Lattes. Leisurely morning Ubers to work. Manicures. Cancelling on your workout class. $15 glasses of wine. And, finally, blowouts.

We're the first to admit that in the case of some of these, it feels damn good to enlist a professional. But do some fashion math, and you'll see that the little things quickly add up and in big ways. So, with your fuck-off fund in mind, we consulted what might be the most status-y salon in Manhattan: Marie Robinson Salon—purveyor of the hues of Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams and more—to find out exactly how to replicate your favorite glossy blowout at home. You know, the one that makes you walk a little differently when you leave the salon and catch yourself in a store window? That one. Stylist Liana Le breaks it all down, with the help of Barbie Ferreira (you might recognize her from this).



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The Step-by-Step

1. "After your hair is washed, comb or brush out, starting from the ends to the root."


2. "Always apply a heat protectant, like Oribe's Royal Blowout, before drying. Make it a habit to add a heat protectant to your styling routine so the next time you go see your stylist for a trim, it doesn’t turn into a major cut."


3. "To create extra volume, flip your head over and rough dry the roots and ends. Shaking all the moisture out will also cut down drying time."


4. "Flip hair back over and clip clean, manageable sections to work on the ends and front. Any time you style hair, having a well organized 'work space,' or clean sections, will get you to the finish line stress-free."


5. "Finish and smooth ends with a round brush. A round brush will add extra shine even after you use a curling iron."


6. "Also using a round brush, blow your front pieces back and up for volume. For those who want a little extra height and movement around the face, blow the top section back and up, then let the hair cool for a second on the brush before letting it down."


7. "Make sure your hair is 100% dry before using any hot tools. Once dry and cool, separate into small yet manageable sections that you will be able to clip out of the way as you curl."


8. "Curl hair. For a sexier, uptown salon blowout, wrap hair away from face in the same direction."


9. "For downtown girls, wrap in random directions, leaving out the ends out so they are straight. After releasing from the iron and while the curl is hot, give the hair a little tug and let cool. This will release the curl’s shape to a looser look."


10. "Once all hair is curled, spray a texturizing spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, all over and shake it out. Running your hands through is the best way to break it up. I prefer a lived-in look for my blowouts, so texturizing sprays are perfect for a finishing touch!"


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