Charlotte Groeneveld

Founder, The Fashion Guitar. Toronto

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

We're all familiar by now with the feeling that accompanies the onslaught of street style slideshows every fashion month: "I have all of these things in my closet... but why aren't I putting them together like that?" It's a good thing—nothing makes street style feel renewed and relevant again quite like that combination of new proportions, the reemergence of some forgotten trend, and novel styling tricks. Anyone with a Pinterest board or desktop folder full of slideshow screenshots can empathize. It's the exact same alchemy that lead us to discover (and quickly fall down the rabbit hole of obsessing over) Charlotte Groeneveld—the Dutch (of course) blogger who epitomizes the whole Céline-slash-Chloé girl thing like no one else.

Having just moved to Toronto from New York, we eagerly swapped favorite spots around the city with Groeneveld; and couldn't help but notice she was quick to prove our point above. Chatting with us in her kitchen, Charlotte was clad in a navy turtleneck, distressed denim, puffy white Céline slip-ons and a pair of gold chain-framed, oversized CHANEL sunglasses—see what we mean? The same went for her closet, too, with a few colorful dashes of '70s-infused Alessandro Michele Gucci and Jimmy Choo pumps in ROYGBIV sprinkled in. With her two toddlers, James and Stella at her side, she gave us the grand tour (including her all marble-everything bathroom, complete with a true baller bathtub) before leaving us to do our thing and snap a series of portraits on her rooftop.

After pillaging her on-point shoe collection (her white sneaker habit extends to Saint Laurent high tops and Jimmy Choo runners) and digging wide-eyed through her spread of some half-dozen Chloé handbags; the effect was all too real. We went home that day approaching our own wardrobes (pretty sure we have a pair of white slip-ons, mom jeans, and cashmere turtleneck floating around there somewhere...) with entirely new eyes.