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7 Exercises You Can Do in a Hotel Room

How Gigi Hadid and Jessica Hart do it.

7 Exercises You Can Do in a Hotel Room

Travel is on our mind RN. See, we’re in the midst of fashion month (your feeds will attest to that)—also known as an editor’s marathon. And, there is nothing that will throw our workout and fitness routines off kilter more than crazy (crazier?) schedules and cross-Atlantic red-eye flights. We mean, we’re about to spend an umpteenth number of days in a hotel room, and while we'll take room service and not having to make our own bed any day, we have a hard time squeezing in a workout—space and time are limited, guys. 

But what we can’t deny is that nothing feels quite as good as getting in a little bit of a sweat session to keep us energized. So we dialed up trainer Andrea Rogers of Xtend Barre, who has fans include Gigi Hadid, Diane Kruger and Jessica Hart, to show us how she keeps the busiest names in shape despite hectic travels. Herein, she tells us how to plié and pulse in the confines of our rooms. And okay, great, now we don’t have any excuses. 

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Move #1

Plié Tendu


Works: glutes, abductors/adductors

"Stand with arms and legs in 2nd position. Plié both legs and lift as you extend right leg to tendu side, plié and then tendu left. Move with flow.

Do this 32 times"



Move #2

Curtsy Triceps


Works: triceps, glutes, abductors/adductors

"Stand with legs in 2nd position and arms in high 5th position. Curtsy right leg back as arms reach behind body in low 5th. Continue to move back to 2nd and curtsy wit flow.

Do this 8-16 times. 

Hold curtsy and pulse arms upward to work triceps 16-32 times."



Move #3

Traveling 2nd


Works: glutes, quadriceps, abductors/adductors

"Stand with arms and legs in 2nd position. Pulse down in 2nd 8 times, turn feet parallel and pulse down 8 times, turn heels back inward (more narrow 2nd) pulse down 8 times, turn feet parallel once more and pulse down 8 times. Jump legs back out to 2nd and repeat. 4 sets."



Move #4

Arabesque Arms


Works: Shoulders, glutes

"Stand with feet 2nd and arms in 1st position, slightly bend your knees. Plié down to potential and extend right arm up to right diagonal as your left arm reaches back in opposition. The torso will twist slightly to the right side and left leg will lift in opposition.

Repeat on other side and then alternate. 16 times each side."



Move #5

Plié Petite Ronde Jambe

(Pulse Standing Leg)


Works: adductors, lutes, quadriceps

"Stand sideways with inside arm on a chair or countertop. Feet and arms in 1st position. Extend your outside leg forward as the supporting leg pliés. The outside leg will make a circle away from the body and around to a passé (foot to knee).

Repeat 16 times."



Move #6

Parallel 4th Lunge Lift



Works: quadriceps, abdominals

"Stand sideways with inside hand holding a chair or countertop. Split legs into a parallel 4th lunge with your outside leg forward. Plié both legs to a lunge and then kick your forward leg up to potential (battement).

Repeat 8-16 times."



Move #7

Side Lifts


Works: glutes, quadriceps, abductors/adductors, obliques

"Stand sideways in 1st position with your inside forearm placed on a chair or countertop. Bring your outside arm overhead in high 5th position and extend your outside leg up to potential.

Tap toe to floor and lift back up to potential 8-16 times."


Shot on location at The London NYC

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