Zanna Roberts Rassi & Mazdack Rassi

Senior Fashion Editor, Marie Claire; TV Personality; Stylist. Co-Founder, Milk Studios.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Alicia Cesaro, Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

The epitome of a power couple varies from field to field and city to city. Jay Z and Beyoncé are undoubtedly the ultimate power couple. But when it comes to street style, we’d say that Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner dominate. Photography? Inez and Vinoodh and Mert and Marcus, of course. But in terms of the power couples that be in New York fashion, there’s no one quite like the duo made up of Zanna Roberts Rassi and Mazdack Rassi—or, as the people who know-know them, Zanna and Rassi.

Because here’s the thing that makes them a true power couple: Sure, Zanna and Rassi, can often be found together—late night at a Milk fashion week party, or early the next day sitting front row; also as we learned when we showed up at their Chelsea loft, at home together taking care of their two-year-old twins Rumi and Juno. But taken separately as individuals they are each frighteningly impressive. Zanna as senior fashion editor at Marie Claire, correspondent on E!, and consultant and stylist to a whole host of brands and clients (are you tired yet?); and Rassi, co-founder of Milk and its many, many off-shoots, from MADE Fashion Week to Agency, a digital media, um, agency. We said impressive, right?

As far as we’re concerned it was about time that they got together on a business project and not just in personal coupledom—and it kind of felt like a figment of our imagination come to life when that project turned out to be a brand spanking new beauty line (and yet another branch of Milk); Milk Makeup, a collection of eco-conscious, super usable and lighthearted makeup products that were pretty much made to live in our Mansur Gavriels.

So we may have showed up at their aforementioned home for a peek at the product the day before launch a few weeks ago. But as per usual, we stayed for the closets. In Rassi’s case it was all Acne, a uniform which we can most definitely get behind, peppered with some pristine Yeezys (gifted by the man himself) and an impeccably organized medicine cabinet we’ll use to school our boyfriends with. Zanna, on the other hand, had pretty much everything we’ve been eyeing for the past three months on Net-A-Porter: Delfina Delettrez rings, Preen dresses and Ganni overalls (her self-claimed uniform) and CHANEL and Louis Vuitton bags that seemed to come in twos. But we’ll be honest, as magnetic as this couple is, it was the twins that stole the show (and dressed the part in adorable matching pink dresses) hamming it up for our photog during a particular wild jumping-on-the-bed shoot. Then again, they’ve learned from the best.