Justin O'Shea & Veronika Heilbrunner

Buying Director, MyTheresa.com & Style Editor, Harper's Bazaar Germany. Paris

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Stephanie Mark

Some things are just better together—or at least made stronger, more compelling, by the addition of another. Peanut butter and jelly, the usual brilliance of any old Céline campaign bettered by a certain Californian octogenarian novelist, the addition of glitter to a Miu Miu pump. The greatness of one doesn't outweigh the other, and so on.

When we first hung out with Veronika Heilbrunner a few fashion weeks ago, we got the sense that as one half of fashion's most sartorially-striking couples, this was exactly the case. While no one quite pulls off lavender Christopher Kane dresses, mustard-hued Acne overcoats and blindingly-white Nike Air Force 1s with the same aplomb as Heilbrunner, the look just isn't quite complete with her ripped-from-Tumblr's-menswear-tag boyfriend, Justin O'Shea of MyTheresa.com, by her side. Not because she can't stand on her own—she can, and does, usually with her white Nike ankle socks stuffed into Valentino platforms—but because they're just that damn good together. Why have one when you could have two, ya know? Oh, and a quick Google Image search affirms that they share custody of that yellow Acne, BTW.

Seeing the two of them in action (by which we mean, ahem, cuddled in bed. We make ourselves comfortable real quick) during a recent Paris trip was nothing short of fascinating—and the sort of thing that should give fash-un girls every where that, yes, there is a heterosexual male (if that's what you're into) out there who understands the art-inflected genius of Miuccia just as much as you. In fact, when prompted to identify his favorite item from Heilbrunner's wardrobe, O'Shea told us, "Apart from the Agent Provocateur, I would probably say a Prada dress from the SS/13 collection." C'mon. Is that a winner or what? Lets just say a trip to their Munich home is very much in order, like, ASAP.