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Look Alive After 5 in 60 Seconds

Consider it a survival guide.

Look Alive After 5 in 60 Seconds

For the amount of time we dedicate each and every morning to putting on our faces, picking out freshly dry cleaned clothes (okay, so this is more of a #lifegoal), and making sure we got our recommended eight hours of sleep (HA!), it’s shocking how, by lunchtime, we have gone from looking put together to a hot effing mess.  Yup, those just-so bent waves we spend 20 minutes jooj’ing? Limp AF. Our foundation? Melted right off under the florescent office lighting and glare of our computer screens. The cat-eye liner we so painstakingly applied just hours ago? Smudged below our lower lashes making for some exaggerated dark under eye circles. You get our drift.

Can we just say that come 5PM, it would be real nice to look like we still maintain some semblance of composure—mentally, aesthetically, or otherwise. So in an attempt to put ourselves back together ahead of some after-work activities, we came up with the quickest fixes to revive ourselves after 5PM.



Hold the coffee

Before your get the :hocho:s out, here us out: as much as you think a first-thing-in-the-morning Americano is the only thing that makes you remotely human, by the time you’ve eaten your stashed emergency protein bar at 3PM, you’ve completely crashed. The morning caffeine-kick has faded into oblivion. Try (just give it a shot, will you?) to hold out as long as possible so that a mid-afternoon coffee lasts until way past :v: out time.




Conceal and blush

As much as we have high hopes for our arsenal of waterproof/smudge-proof/long-lasting makeup, it just can’t stand against our consistent face touching and the dry, parched air that fills our workspace. Instead of doing a full glam overhaul, apply strategic concealer only to areas that desperately need it, because adding an entire second layer of foundation will just leave you with a cake-y face. Uh, and no one wants that. Finish off with a few swipes of pink-y blush to give your face much-needed life.




Brush Up

Truthfully, after a day’s worth of snacking on your colleagues baked goods, the Thai takeout you had for lunch, and the three (or four) cups of Nespresso you downed doesn’t leave you with the freshest breath. And popping a few sticks of gum is like the equivalent of dry shampoo for your two-day-old hair: it masks the problem more than fixes it.  So here’s a thought: how about storing a travel size toothbrush and paste for a midafternoon cleaning for a mouthful of minty-ness?  You’ll be so fresh and so clean, clean. :sparkles:




Clear Eyes

Staring into our computer screens from 9-to-5 and at our iPhones for the hours before and after (and in between, let’s be real) makes for focusing on actual real life 3D objects a little more challenging. And nothing quite says you’ve had a rough day than bloodshot eyes and droopy lids. A few drops of Visine will brighten and widen, so do it up and look awake for post-work drinks with your BFFs.


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