A Workout That's Better Than A Stairmaster

A Workout That's Better Than A Stairmaster

6 moves that lift and tone.

You know what hasn’t changed since 2015? Besides our affinity for carbs and wine (yeah, dry January wasn’t, uh, dry)? The collective, call it borderline-obsessive, fascination with the :peach:. It's still going strong, guys. 

But what we've also learned over the past year or so is that getting a perky derrière actually requires work, a lot of it—in the form of squats, lunges, and a variation of new-age-y equipment. And it's become pretty apparent that the Stairmaster just ain't cutting it any more (what can we say, it seemed like the obvious choice), so we've found solace in L.A.'s Rise Nation intense climbing (no change in altitude) workout, which leaves us jello-legged after just 30 minutes. And although you'll have to make your way to one of the classes to use the Versaclimber (:eyes: :point_down:), we had trainer Katie Keefe show us a few moves to do at home in the meantime. And guys, it's a killer. 


Move #1

Long Range Stride (on the Versaclimber) 


"Start standing on the Versaclimber with your feet and hands level. Bend your knees and sink your hips back so that your spine is in a natural and neutral position. Begin climbing by moving your arms and legs up and down, but be sure not to lock out your elbows or knees at the end of each movement.

By doing long strides we are incorporating more muscle, burning more calories, and stretching the muscles over the entire body. The core is engaged continuously throughout allowing your arms, shoulders, glutes, and legs to work harder."


Move #2

Spiderman Crawl


"Start with arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your left hand about a foot in front of the right. Bring the right knee to meet your right elbow, now you are in your starting position. Keeping your hips low, walk your right arm forward and step your left foot up to meet your left elbow. Repeat.

This is a full body exercise—your core is engaged the whole time."


Move #3

Underhand Grip


"Set up the same way you did before, but this time use an underhand grip so your palms face you. Reach up and step low to create a nice long range of motion. Try picking up the pace a little bit here and think of using your arms to pull up and push down.

Your whole body will be working here, but the underhand variation helps incorporate the arms a little more."


Move #4

Spiderman Crawl with Push Up


"Start the same way as you did for the basic spiderman crawl, but when you step your foot up bend your arms and do a push up before stepping forward again.

Your entire body will work in this variation, but you will definitely feel more of the work in your triceps, biceps, chest and rotator cuff muscles."


Move #5

Rips (on the Versaclimber)


"This motion is a sharp punch up and a sharp step down. (Again, remember not to lock out the elbows and knee) Place your hand on your lower handle, and then swiftly push up with the heel of your hand as you step down with the opposite leg. Repeat.

This motion should feel strong and quick rather than smooth. This move helps with overall strength."


Move #6

Lower Body Climb (on the Versaclimber)


"Place your hands on the bar in front of you and sync your hips back. Keep your spine long and straight and then begin to step down low with your feet. Keep your core engaged.

This exercise is phenomenal for working the glutes and lower back muscles. I also like to think of pressing my legs down using my lower abdominal muscles in order to work that hard to reach lower belly zone."

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