How to Freshen Up After A Good Cry in 60 Seconds

How to Freshen Up After A Good Cry in 60 Seconds

It happens to the best of us.

It’s a Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday — you get the idea), 3 P.M. rolls around and your habitual, oh, let’s call it a five minute Twitter break, leads you to a YouTube clip of a woman hearing *actual* sounds for the first time. You’re at an overcrowded industry party when a fellow partygoer steps on your baby toe with her cigarette Saint Laurent heel while reaching for a roving glass of Moët. This past Friday, you grabbed a couple of bottles of wine (each), made a massive batch of guacamole, and holed up with your girlfriends to watch Titanic (for old time's sake...and Leo). Well guys, if you’re anything like us, all the aforementioned scenarios turn you into a sobbing, blubbering, shall we even say, snotty mess.

Next thing you know, your mascara is half way down your painstakingly contoured cheeks (another consequence of YouTube? Yup). Your eyes; puffy and bloodshot. And your face; blotchy. And since most of said tears shed tend to be in public (or in the presence of others) we needed to find way-easy and seriously fast ways to snap out of it. That’s why we asked two (count ‘em) makeup artists and a psychologist to give us their beauty and mental health tips to freshening up under a minute.




Listen To Music

“Sometimes you can uplift your mood by using the power of music. Play a very upbeat song with optimistic and fun language, and allow yourself to go crazy dancing to this.” - Dr. Elyse Goldstein, New York-based psychologist




De-Puff Eyes

“Ice, ice, and more ice. Just wrap it with a washcloth so you don't make your skin red. Also a great time to use your Touché Éclat under the eye area to refresh them,” - Jamie Greenberg, makeup artist (CV includes Rashida Jones and Anna Faris)




Dealing With Red Eye

“I love Rohto eye drops because they work instantly. But don't get in the habit of using them. Save them for special occasions and they will work better for you.” - JG




Clean Up The Smudge

“Bare Minerals makes on the spot makeup remover swabs. They're compact, small so you can focus in on the mistake or the smudge. Easy to toss.” - JG




Freshen Up Your Flushed Face

“First things first, take a few really deep breaths. This will calm you and bring your temperature down a bit. If you have access to a sink, run the cold water over your hands and then press your fingers gently into your skin, concentrating on the cheeks and around the eye area. The coolness will decrease puffiness.

Next, use a concealer like NARS Correcting Shade that has pale yellow undertones that will help cancel out redness. Blend around the nose and lips and over the cheeks. Also, a spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir will refresh your skin and give your complexion an instant boost. The scent of citrus and mint will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world.” – Nicole Walmsley, makeup artist (CV includes Katrina Bowden and Phoebe Tonkin)




Add Some Color

“Throw on your favorite lipstick or gloss. The color will distract from any effects of your cry and will leave you feeling fresh again. Try something cheery like Jouer Cosmetics Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Peony.” - NW

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