Nahuel Serrano

Model. Paris

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Renée Rodenkirchen
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Some people have a knack for being in precisely the right place at precisely the right time. We've all heard the stories, especially in fashion: a teenager hailing from rural Iowa finds herself boarding a flight home from JFK the same time as the industry's biggest model booker; a showroom owner accidentally taps in the wrong Instagram handle of a budding designer halfway across the world; an aspiring writer who finds herself seated next to an especially important editor by chance while at a wedding. They're the oil that greases the wheels of the industry, y'know?

Nahuel Serrano gets it. The 17-year-old's career and notoriety to date is entirely the result of chance run-ins with influential people who picked up on his whole intimidatingly cool thing. As he tells it, "I was 14 and I went to try the pants that 2 Chainz wears in the 'Forks' music video at the Kokontozai store in Paris. Joey, the store manager asked me if I wanted to model for the brand. I said yes, and that was it!" He's since gone on to serve as a muse to co-founder KTZ Sasko Bezovsky and manager of their showroom in New York (don't worry guys—he was 15 then). His love of rap has paid off beyond that in the chance run-ins department, too—"queuing for the French Montana’s show in Paris at the Bataclan, I was asked to model," he shared as we got acquainted in his family's Parisian apartment. As you do, right?

After introducing us to his pet ferret, we got to shooting out in Serrano's apartment's secret courtyard as he filled us in on everything from his career so far, his thoughts on street style, and beyond. Oh, and he tipped us off on some pretty :100: international shopping spots, too: "V-Files in New York, GR8 in Tokyo, Orange Street in Osaka, and the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Online, I shop on Facebook private groups." Yup. You heard the man. Can someone a) confirm that these are a thing and b) invite us already?!