The Getting Ready Routine: Jordyn Woods

The Getting Ready Routine: Jordyn Woods

All the makeup tricks she’s learned from BFF Kylie & her desert island products

Renée Rodenkirchen

Chances are once we shamelessly Snap-stalk someone (it's a full time job) for a while, we develop an obsession with their beauty routines. As in, we want to know the exact tools our favorites turn to when there’s 10 minutes to get out the door; their lightweight but high-coverage foundation picks, and how they remove it all at before bed (the whole micellar water vs. cleansing oil debate is :key:). So when we had the chance to quiz Jordyn Woods on just that, we jumped on it—we mean, those lashes? And brows? They’re kind of everything. And when you’re best friends with Kylie Jenner, it's basically a given that you're going to pick up a few :lips: tricks along the way. So we had Woods fill us in on her everyday makeup look (less is more, but eyebrows always), cleanser obsession and the best shades in Kylie’s Lip Kit. Oh and every single thing she’d bring to a desert island (including her uh, eyelash technician).


The Look  

“As of 2016, I’m trying to go for a more natural looking, dewy face. For this look, I started with the Mac Prep + Prime Fix + face spray. After I moisturize, I spray my face with that. It helps set your makeup and prepare your skin for foundation. A setting spray is always good to have if you’re going to be wearing makeup. Even if you’re not wearing much makeup, you can do a rose water spray, and I love the way that makes my face feel. If I’m doing a really, really light look, I’ll just put on concealer. But if I want like the look I did here, I use a light foundation just to make sure my skin tone is even. I hate having any discoloration, but nothing too heavy. Then I use the beauty blender to blend all over.

For every day, I don’t like to add any eyeshadow because it tends to make it look like you’re wearing a lot more makeup. If it’s during the day, I like my eyes to look as open as possible. If anything, I’d add a little shimmer or highlighter in the corner of my eye. And then—when I’m not in California—I like to go over my whole face with HD Finishing Powder by Make Up For Ever. It just gives a nice matte look and it’s not heavy—it’s very light. Then I always add highlighter. Highlighter is like my go-to. I like Mineralize Skinfinish in Global Glow by MAC. It’s the perfect highlighter for me. I always add a little to the tops of my cheeks, to my nose, corner of my eyes and under my brow bone.”


Eyes Are Basically Everything  

“Something I really like to do everyday, is put on eyebrows. I love making my eyebrows a little darker than they naturally appear. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is my favorite. After brows, I like to add some concealer to take away any dark circles under my eyes so that I look more awake and alert. I’ve been using the MAC palette and MAC liquid concealer for months and I really like the way it works.

I have lash extensions, so I don’t really wear too much mascara. I’m obsessed with lash extensions. If you have long lashes naturally, you don’t necessarily need them. But they’re the best thing ever. It’s so easy. You wake up, and you feel like you’re already wearing makeup. If you don’t really like to wear that much makeup, lash extensions are the way to go.”


Her #1 Makeup Trick

“My big secret is using highlighter under the brow bone. No matter how grown-out your eyebrows are, you can always go under and over your eyebrows with concealer, so it looks like you have a fresh line and fresh brows—no matter how grown-out they may be. If they’re looking crazy, I can go in and fix them with concealer, I like to use my normal concealer color and then blend it out. And then under the brow bone, the part that should be mainly highlighted only, I go in with a highlighter pencil. Just under the arch of the brow.”

Morning Skincare Routine

“I use skincare by Rodan + Fields, and it’s the Redefine Collection. It comes with a daily cleansing mask, a pore minimizing toner and a daytime treatment and nighttime solution. Their products are really awesome. I always use them. And they were created by these two female dermatologists, and everything is packaged so nicely and sterile. The toner that I put on my face comes with special pads to apply it on. And they have this lip treatment in silver capsules that you pop open. It’s awesome stuff.”


The :key: to Good Beauty…

“Always moisturize your face. I know some people who don’t, but it definitely helps all around—it helps makeup go on better and helps your skin feel better. When my face is super, super dry, I like to use Embryolisse from France. I’m really big on keeping my face moisturized, because I have dry skin, especially here in New York.”


Nighttime Skincare Routine

“At night I use the same cleansing wash, and I definitely try to make sure all my makeup is off, because sleeping in makeup is the worst. Then I layer on coconut oil (I put coconut oil on my hair, face, lips, and body. I’m all about it) and a thicker moisturizer so my skin stays hydrated overnight. But I just make sure all my makeup is off before I go to sleep—clean and fresh. I also try to exfoliate a couple times a week, and do a face mask maybe once a week.”


When She Has 10 Minutes to Get Date-Ready

“To glam up my look, I would add eyeliner or an eyeshadow. Eyeliner just takes a look from 0 to 100 really fast. Just adding a darker eye—be it eyeshadow or eyeliner.”


Hair Secrets 

“I try to do a hair mask once a week. It doesn’t always happen, but I try. Especially because I’m blonde, so it’s even harder to keep it healthy. For me, with my hair type, I really like SheaMoisture products and Carol’s Daughter, and I always try to do at least, if nothing else, coconut oil or argan oil. My hair gets very dry, so I just have to make sure I keep it hydrated. If I don’t put any products in my hair, it will just shrivel up.”


What She's Learned from BFF Kylie 

“I definitely didn’t know how to do my makeup before I was friends with Kylie—I was a full-on tomboy. So I love observing and I learn something whenever I see anyone do their makeup. It’s cool, because everyone does something different, so you can always take something that you see someone else doing and make it into your own kind of routine. I definitely learned a lot from watching my friends! Definitely taught me a lot.”


And Of Course, Kylie’s Lip Kit  

“It’s hard for me to find a good lip color, but I love every single one of the colors in Kylie’s Lip Kit. Every color has been picked special, done exactly how it’s supposed to be. It’s not like any color was taken and you know, duplicated—it was all made from scratch. And personally, I love every single color. I genuinely would wear all of those colors. But Candy is a go-to—I always have Candy K. True Brown is when you’re feeling spicy. And Dolce is more of a nighttime look, for me.

The launch was definitely stressful, but if anything it was fulfilling—it was definitely exciting to see something that my friend put her money, her time, and her patience—everything—into, and it was a success. That was something that was awesome to see. It was very warming and inspiring.”


Her Desert Island Products

“I would go for a good moisturizer—I would bring coconut oil. Probably a really good soap, like a Lush soap. Can I take my lashes? That’s something I can’t live without—can’t live without my lashes. My lash technician, my coconut oil, and I know it’s really boring, but a nice soap—something that would make me feel happy and not so dirty on this deserted island. Oh, and my brow pencil…”

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